Strike and picketing rules for engineering strike agreed

Numsa shop stewards and organisers should negotiate the details with employers where applicable eg where the picketers can gather etc.


The following strike rules have been agreed between the Employer Associations Federated to SEIFSA and NUMSA on behalf of its membership:


• Those taking part in the strike will not be paid for any period or periods that they are not working properly or at all. They will also not receive pay for partial performance during the course of the industrial action as the company will not accept a tender of part performance.

• Employees participating in the strike, subject to their compliance with these rules, are not permitted access to any non prescribed areas of the company’s premises.

• Employees taking part in the protected strike shall at all times during the course of that strike conduct themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner.

• Such striking employees shall at all times observe and comply with the company's normal security and all health and safety regulations.

• Striking workers shall not block entrances and/or exits to the company premises.

• No liquor or drugs must be in the possession of any striker whilst on company premises.

• There will be no littering of the prescribed areas.

• Striking employees shall not:

o threaten, intimidate or assault any employee whatsoever who is not participating in the strike, whether that employee is in the full time or temporary employ of the Company ;
o enter the Company's work area where equipment and dangerous inflammable products and chemicals are situated ;
o engage in any form of violence, intimidation, or damage to Company property or property of personnel or customers or suppliers to the Company ;
o disobey any lawful instruction which has been given by the Union’s Officials or Shop Stewards in terms of the strike rules ;
o wear masks or be in possession of any offensive weapon or dangerous implements and no striking employee shall be in possession of any inflammable materials on the Company's premises ;
o hinder in any manner access to or exit from the Company's premises by any vehicle or person ;
o interfere unlawfully with the conduct of the business, or any person, or body involved in the conduct of the Company's business."

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4 July 2011
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