She can go!

I had my castle built for her
I galvanised strength to love again
After a big wall of disappointment befell me
I moan not the loss
I moan my broken heart

The arrow that pierced the hearts together has melted
Melted under the power of childlike petty talks
I moan not the loss
I moan my broken heart
For I thought love was selfless
I thought love was about the courage to carry each other

See, there are not tears in my eyes
My heart is used to this crap
She uses the word but forgets to practice it
Artistically building castles in the air
Housing herself in a glass house

She left me cold and out
I saw it coming
A cobweb of comical excuses
And mats of dishonesty bargained as precious but lies
A stony talk and smile free chit chats

I feel her footsteps as she walks out of my heart
However I feel no pain dear folks!
She wanted me to worship at her feet
I will worship no other god than the Creator of heaven and earth

She wanted to be the Alpha and Omega
I could only but manage the heat in the kitchen
Floods choked me and I could not pretend
But I have my feet on the ground
No piece of me will cease to function

Beyond this chilly climate I see the sun!
With the rays that build hope where there is none
I sing because of the courage I get from the bird that sings
It tells me of the world of the courageous and mighty

They fall but are not broken
They have the willpower of eagles
If you see her, tell her I bear not grief
Big boys walk on when nerds fix their glasses to their sorry past
I am not building a monument for any nonsensical dubious history

Let her walk on
Let her scrape dustbins
And let her trot away to some distant world
Let her go!
I have a real world to go to
I have my eyes on the Crown!


Numsa News No 2 July 2010