Numsa discusses re-alignment of automobile sector

Numsa’s organizing strategy workshop in September 2010 discussed the way in which Numsa currently bargains in the automobile sector.

One proposal is to bring the motor manufacturing industry together into one bargaining forum.

• This could put all the following sectors under one negotiating roof:

• Auto, truck and bus assembly (VW)

• Auto components and parts from Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) and the Metals Engineering Industry Bargaining Council (MEIBC)

• Vehicle, truck and bus body building

• Tyre manufacturing eg Continental, Bridgestone.

• The after sales service related to a car would then fall under a separate collective bargaining arrangement. This could include:

• Refineries (presently organised by CEPPAWU)

• Garages and, fitment centers (motor parts fitment centers, e.g. glass, motor electronic fitment centers, tyre fitment centers, etc.)

• Vehicle repairs including vehicle body building repairs

• All other motor after sales services
The big motivation for this proposal is to try and reduce the vast wage disparities across the industry.

For example, currently most welders making components for cars receive a wage rate that is way lower than welders working for a motor manufacturer like VW.

Already the auto and tyre agreements have common clauses in their agreements, except for the wage rates.

This proposal will now go back to Numsa structures for further discussion. If you have ideas of your own, write to Numsa News or fax them to Alex Mashilo (011 689 1701), head of Numsa organizing and collective bargaining, or e-mail them to


Numsa News No 3, October 2010