Big belly Eskom and load-shedding

A snap survey of four Eskom shop stewards revealed that in areas where two of them are residing – Katlehong and Vosloorus – there was no load shedding early this year. Just who switches on and off those buttons in the Eskom control room?!

A dictionary for the new South Africa:
Schabir – n when used in the sentence “Who is your Schabir?” means “Who is funding you?”

Outsourcing does not prevent fraud!
When government outsourced the payment of social grants to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), the one key reason was to stamp out corruption in the government department.

But it was not to be! One SASSA official was recently found to have transferred in excess of R2 million to his own account.
Perhaps the only difference is that he was caught!

It's official – SA is the second best country for an executive after the US
According to salary survey expert, PE Corporate Services, quoted in the Financial Mail of July 18 2008, SA executives are 30% better off than those in France and the UK.

And 'packing for Perth' is not the answer to SA CEOs' problems either.

The same research says that South African CEOs are 50% better off than if they were CEOs in Australia or Belgium.

The study took into account their disposable income after their costs (eg food, private schooling, tax etc)

The Financial Mail says that "10 years ago the average CEO was paid about 35 times what the lowest-paid worker was earning; he is now getting 58 times the minimum wage."


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