Resolution on Affiliation nationally and internationally

04 May 1987 11:00 PM
This Congress noting that:

  1. Most metal unions are affiliated to national and international labour organisations.
  2. Such affiliation is in line with this union's objective to strengthen the unity of workers both in and outside of South Africa.

Therefore resolves that:

  1. The union apply and affiliate to:
  • the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)
  • the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF)
  • the International Chemical and Energy Workers Federation (ICEM)
  1. To ensure maximum effort is put into the active participation in these labour organisations by our union that a committee be apppointed by the Central Committee to deal with the question of solidarity between the union and
  • any other progressive trade union or labour organisation.
  1. Such solidarity committee ensure that all structures of the union are drawn into practical action in the struggle to achieve worker unity.


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