ANC President Jacob Zuma speaks to Metalworkers!

ANC President Speaks to Metalworkers Press Alert 28 September 2011 The President of the African National Congress (ANC) and the Republic Comrade JACOB ZUMA will be interacting with Metalworkers today Wednesday 28 September 2011, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

The Presidents' visits coincides with a serious battle being waged by Metalworkers working at General Motors (GM) against the employers spurious decision to dispense unequal transport allowances to workers given the burden and high cost of transport endured by workers on daily basis to and from work.

This struggle by workers is just and genuine since it speaks to their immediate demands and interests at the point of production. The workers have taken a burden to embark on an indefinite industrial action until their demands for fair and equitable transport allowance is enjoyed by all workers.

The action by workers is not meant to embarrass the sitting President, but it's unfortunate that the action coincides with his visit.

The workers will give the President an ear and in the process raise they hardships and frustrations faced by them at the coalface of class exploitation in factories.

This action by workers has received serious backlash from employers by using the organs of class rule, the Courts, to interdict workers from striking.

These actions by the employer are not class neutral, but are geared to paint a blind cosmetic picture to the visiting President and also protect the employers production margins, and profits maximization interests.

The union will challenge the interdict by making sure that Courts are not selectively being bullied by the bosses to mitigate over sectorial and industrial disputes. The President will visit General Motors, Ford and VW, between 10h00 -until- 13h00pm.

Contact: Vuyo Bikitsha, Regional Secretary – 041 363 1010 Mphumzi Maqungo,

Regional Treasurer – 073 159 2108


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