NUMSA Remembers Cde Jabulani Nobleman “˜Mzala’ Nxumalo

NUMSA Remembers Cde Jabulani Nobleman ‘Mzala’ Nxumalo

22 February 2011

TODAY, Tuesday 22 February 2011, marks the 20th anniversary of the passing on of one of the revered, outstanding and vociferous Marxist intellectuals par excellence ever produced by the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the African National Congress (ANC), Cde Jabulani Nobleman ‘Mzala’ Nxumalo.

Cde Mzala, as he was popularly known, was a red star amongst the 1976 June 16 Student Uprisings generation that swelled the ranks of the Liberation Alliance in exile; a trained combatant of our glorious army of uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) and a sharp theoretician of our movement produced by Lenin School in Soviet Union.

Cde Mzala will be best remembered for his brilliant scholarly work on the National Question and a book subsequently banned by the apartheid regime and the Buthelezi-led Bantustan removed copies of the book from institutions of higher learning, and banned it as a scholarly scientific work. The title of the book was called ‘Gatsha Buthelezi: Chief with a Double Agenda’.

We are remembering Cde Mzala, an internationalist in theory and action, in the midst of popular revolts and struggles waged by broad range of forces in the Middle East and North Africa against lack of basic freedom and democracy as sponsored by US imperialism and neo-colonialism, non-secular and theocratic regimes.

These popular struggles are an affirmation that US imperialism and neo-liberalism are in total collapse amidst high levels of poverty, inequalities and mass unemployment faced by the working class and the poor.

In our own country there is a serious offensive unleashed by a network of neo-liberal think-tanks, such as SAIRR and joined by the mouthpiece of monopoly capital, the Democratic Alliance (DA) alleging that South Africa is a grenade waiting to explode, similar to the popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt amidst the loud chorus of a perceived failures of the ANC-led Alliance to radically transform the South African economy for the benefit of the overwhelming majority.

These think-tanks findings are detached from the reality and are meant to incite popular revolts against the ANC-led Alliance government in order to install a regime that is going to auction our country to the highest bidders in imperialist owned New York Stock Exchange.

We are living in an epoch whereby Capitalism and its ideas are constantly in crisis and the conditions are so ripe and favourable to alter a new egalitarian society based on equality. This calls for the working class to build its hegemony in the battle of ideas, in order to contest the dominant ideas of the ruling class in favour of the ideas of the working class.

The bourgeois and liberal media’s ideological orientation should be constantly contested by the revolutionary forces to exert our hegemony and revolutionary ideas in society.

The bourgeois and liberal media should not be left unchecked; otherwise our class opponents will use the media to set their own reactionary agenda geared towards undermining the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and the struggle for socialism.

As part of achieving this noble goal, as Numsa we will work closely with our vanguard – the SACP – to massify and intensify ideological education amongst our members at the workplace and in our communities. This will be a befitting tribute to Cde Mzala’s contribution to the ideological sphere and enrichment of our Marxism grounded on our peculiar South African conditions.


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