Numsa calls for an end to excessive packages for parastatals’ executives (January 27, 2010 – 1:42 PM)


27 January 2010

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) supports the call by ANC MP and Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee Chairperson Cde Vytjie Mentoor for an end to exorbitant and excessive pay-outs for parastatals executives.

The R85 million demand by disgruntled former Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga should serve as an end to the culture of entitlemement and greed which was fostered and entrenched by the 1996 class project within state owned entities and organs.

These excessive and immoral demands or huge packages pay-outs are implanting a poisonous message to the minds of the people – that it is OK to occupy a key and strategic public position for personal enrichment and looting of public funds meant for service delivery.

It should be noted and understood that occupying a key position of power and authority is a national service for the good of the country and her people.

This BLINGyfication of positions and state owned entities has not been matched with competence and quality delivery, but instead it brought disastrous leadership and poor services to the majority poor of our people.

The SAA under Coleman Andrews, Andre Viljoen and Khaya Ngqula, Denel under Victor Moche, Land Bank under Alan Mukoki, SABC under Dali Mpofu and Gab Mampone all failed to deliver their mandates.

All these culprits one way or the other have received political support from some amongst our leaders who are obsessed with bling, and they are using loosely and vulgarized reference to NDR injunction that the main content of our struggle is for the liberation of blacks in general and Africans in particular.

Given the leadership lacuna in the Ministry of Public Enterprises to respond to this challenge we call on Cabinet to develop guidelines and standards for remuneration for executives. These guidelines should also be publicly published and receive inputs from all ordinary South Africans and civil society.

We further call on Cabinet to reconsider the manner in which parastatals Boards members are being appointed and be subjected to the similar SABC Board parliamentary processes.


Castro Ngobese

National Spokesperson – 073 299 1595 / 083 979 5266


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