Training the youth in technical and business skills

Training the youth in technical and business skills

More than 40 young people are doing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and New Venture Creations (NVC) learnerships as a way of accelerating skills development amongst South African youth at Ukuda Training Centre in Ekurhuleni. Mmusi Serobatse of Numsa¡¦s youth desk, spoke to them.

¡§Many young people are marginalized by the development of our hard fought democracy. Numsa, Merseta and Ukuda Training Centre as managed to create this opportunity to advance the development of young people in South Africa,¡¨ says Naughty Madumo, one of the learners in this learnership. Computer control programmers and operators use CNC machines to cut and shape a steel product, such as in automobiles, aviation, and parts of machines.

The machine reads the code of the shape you want, and drives the machine tool and performs the activities formerly done by a machine operator. This machine cuts away unwanted material from a solid metal to form a finished part. The young learners spoke of the challenges they will face after they finish this learnership.

They are not guaranteed jobs in the company where they are doing learnerships. Although it is their dream to start-up their own manufacturing companies, they fear that they will battle to get finances. ¡§Most of the youth development agencies are failing to assist us financially. We are asked if we have any start up capital or whether our business plans are viable?¡¨ they say.

SETAs and all social partners should find ways and means of ensuring that every young person who is on a learnership should be absorbed by that company or should finance their emerging businesses.

The intention is to roll out this intervention all over South Africa, say the national youth desk coordinator Mmusi Serobatse and training Coordinator Malebo Mogopodi.

Admission Requirementsľ Minimum age: 18 years.ľ Must be willing to take an aptitude test before entering the programmeľ Grade 10 with maths and scienceľ Grade 12 with maths, science, and mechanical drawing.

Qualifications and training neededThe programmer and operator training are offered in different ways – in learnerships, apprenticeships and even at FET colleges. The training needed depends on the type of job.

The entry level CNC machine operator may only need a couple of weeks of on the job training. In general the more skills needed for the job, the more education and training are needed to qualify.

What career opportunity is there after completing this CNC training?The career opportunity most closely related to computer control programmers and operators is in the metal and plastic sectors. Jobs include but are not limited to, machinists, tool and die makers, machine setters, operators, welding, soldering, braze work and mill Wright .

What wage can I expect?After qualifying at the highest level, one can earn up to R17000 per month.For more information on this training contact Mmusi Serobatse at the NUMSA Youth Desk offices at 153 Bree street Newtown Johannesburg 2001 or Call (011) 689 1731/1700. Or phone the Ukuda Training Center at 084 032 1032


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