The rise and shine of Duma Nxarane (1969-2006)

Faded a floral flower That has grown and blossom’dDecades of a bitter struggle,Yet him found his mark,Liberation of a beloved countryAnd freedom of needy people.

A star that bright as much, of Glorified dignity, dignified glory.Stern, scrutinizing and cautioningTo stand against the utmost worst,‘cos the best of his self, he givethAs colleagues swim to catch the tide.

A die-hard of a timely moving spirit,To cope with all known seasonsBe they reasoned or vice versaTo push onward for recognition, As a natural, simple human-being.

His mind endowed with fire-fire,Flamed to the beat and sound, From Africa’s rhymes and rhythmsAimed to annihilate repressive lawsThat slaughtered Qamatha’s children,Within boundaries of their fatherland.

As noted of youthful charisma,Yet agitated for a good causeHis one soul not to take a break‘till others found justice, then peaceFor everyone’s vote be legalized.

A role model of real models.Not pretty polemics, but party politics,Set to transform a beridden societyTo advance a Hani-Slovo dream,In honesty, as Radebe ku MamGcwanini.

Of many that were called,Him one of the chosen few,Geared for Moscow party-school,As developed and truly capacitated,A Uitenhage-raised people’s cadre,As I’ll remember Duma Nxarane.

Aubrey ka Saki

HomelessnessUnfairness of fate spilled me into the street to rummage in dustbinsBridges and abandoned buildings became my homeThe odour of decay my staple dietStreetwise and upbeat I once wasReduced to a victim of substance abuseAnd succumbed to gangsters as my family structure

Yingwani Noel Mashaba


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