Letters page Dear NUMSA News

Public Holidays are not celebrated and attributed to those who died in the struggle for us for freedom. Workers will choose to go to work on public holidays although we get paid to stay at home.

They will demand from capitalists to work on such days no matter what the payment will be for such hours. What happened to the working class? Capitalists enjoy such demands because it means more profit for them and they have anyway no respect for those who died on 21 March 1960, the Sharpeville massacre.

On this day police opened fire on a non-violent campaign crowd. They shot dead 68 people, 227 were wounded/injured. So how can we forget the years of disregard for human life? Not because we as the people of South Africa want to hold a grudge, but so that we know what never ever to do again! Let us stay away from capitalists’ machines on such days otherwise capitalists will not get a sense of the grief many people felt when losing their loved ones!Lucien WindwaaiBel-Essex Engineering Shop steward

Dear Numsa News

Fistly I would like to congratulate Jenny Grice, Pinky Ramokoka and the team for the prestigious awards won at Workers World Media Production.

With all the ululation at Numsa News and Numsa Bulletin Teams, let me also register my disappointment at KZN writers. My disappointment comes after reading Numsa News number 3. It is quite an interesting publication especially since it covered mainly the mini congress.

I am disappointed because in KZN we had two major strikes fighting retrenchments. We had one at Dunlop.

I can not comment a lot about the Dunlop strike since I do not have full details about it. We had another strike at Defy.

A lot of things happened at Defy strike. I will mention a few major things that happened:I. On the 1st day of the strike Defy employees at Jacobs plant were visited by Numsa president Cedric Gina and he was accompanied by Regional Secretary Mbuso Ngubane, to render their and that of Numsa's large support.II.

The strike was long. It took eight weeks to conclude.III. There were scab workers during the strike and one of them was killed when he was operating one of the machines without proper training.IV.

At the conclusion of the strike all Numsa demands including those that were made during the strike period were met 100 percent (now that is usually a milestone!)V.

Numsa's core demand that retrenched employees should be given skills training is in progress as I write this letter.Since as Numsa we are fighting capitalism, economic crisis and most importantly retrenchments at all cost, I thought this is a matter to write about.

Our dear KZN writers chose to ignore these stories.I do not think there is anything wrong with covering the national events like the mini congress, but if there is a national interest story that is happening in your own home ground, write about it.

Oh! Did I mention that the Defy strike became national as soon as other Defy plants nationally, engaged in sympathy strike?Comrades, as Numsa News writers you have an opportunity to tell South Africa what is happening in your own home grounds, use it.Zakhele Khumalo, Ex shop steward, Ethekwini Local

Dear Numsa News


We, Rampie employees are hereby strengthening and stretching the importance of campaigning and rallies. All these were Numsa’s efforts.These led to the winning of the ANC as our third democratic Mzansi.

At Babelegi Local we want to pat you on your shoulder for making citizens of Mzansi to believe in the ANC even if there were some places with no electricity and sanitation.Keep it up NUMSA!

J H NkunaBabelegi Local

Dear Numsa News

I am a newly elected secretary to the shop stewards in our company. I constantly attend the Tembisa shop steward council meetings at Chloorkop Local, not just because of the challenges in our company but also for personal growth.

I don’t participate much because I am not a good speaker, I stammer.Ever since I have been at the council meetings, I noticed that there are comrades who are forever there and some come only when they are confronted with challenges at their respective companies.

It is of vital importance that shop stewards must be at such meetings in order for them to grow before they engage themselves with the company representatives.

How will they know what to say when they have to represent a worker in their company?I therefore urge our fellow comrades to equip themselves by being present at council meetings.

Joey Mogapi, Bari Engineering, Thembisa Local

Dear Numsa News and all members

Eric Nyekemba was a Numsa organiser in the Manyati local. In the 2009 national elections, he was elected as a ANC MP to serve in the national parliament.

Being elected to parliament is all about being dedicated, hard working and dependable to your previous job. Your heard the call of swelling the ranks of ANC and SACP.

You are really a good leader that I as deputy chair person of Manyathi local have experienced.Even in my company AGI Aluminium they salute the dedication you gave to the organisation and wish you all the best in future.

You are really a good leader.Everyone is admiring you, Numsa National, region, local, ANC and SACP because you are a good leader.Make sure that labour brokers are eliminated in South African companies.

You know how evil they are and also they are destroying our economy and only benefit an individual.

Represent us well in parliament and take a debut to the next level on our behalf (metal workers).Albert SebolaManyathi Local Deputy Chair PersonAGI Aluminium


Numsa News