Help us improve our membership system

You can help us improve our membership system

Numsa is trying hard to build an efficient membership system so that we know exactly who our members are and so that we can estimate better what our income will be. If we know what our income will be, then we can plan better how to use that money to improve your lives. But we need your help!

Problems we faceWe face different problems with regards to employers sending in details for your subscriptions. Below we list just some of them.

However not every problem comes from every employer! * employers deduct your union subscriptions but then fail to pay them across to Numsa.* employers deposit directly into our bank account but they fail to give us their company reference.

This makes it difficult for us to trace the deposit. Then when we phone them and demand payment, they will tell us that they have already paid.

This creates unnecessary work and bad relations between us and your employer.* employers fail to send us a schedule (list) of members each time they deposit. And the list of problems goes on and on.

How you can help us?To solve all these problems, Numsa has finalized all the forms that employers should fill in when they send in your subscriptions.

Ask your shop steward to get copies from your nearest office or ask them to phone Numsa head office on 011 689 1700 and ask for Jennet Jonga.

Once your company has examples of all these forms, your shop steward(s) can help us each month by asking the employer for:1. a copy of the deposit slip showing that your employer has paid across your union subscriptions.2. a copy of Form 1 – Numsa monthly remittance advice.

This gives details of the name of your company, the address, the company reference number that Numsa has allocated your company, the contact person, the period they are paying for and the amounts.3. a copy of Form 2 – this is a schedule of members. It details employee number, ID number, surname, name, basic salary/wage and your contribution.

ID number is very important. Without this we can’t be sure that ‘Fana Dlamini’ is the correct ‘Fana Dlamini’!4. a copy of Form 3 – this is a schedule of members who have resigned together with their signed resignation letters.

Once the shop steward has these forms, they MUST check that ALL the information is correct. You can also use the schedule to check who is not a Numsa member so that you can encourage non-members to join.


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