Starting a small business

Starting a small business

Many of us are faced with retrenchments, have taken voluntary severance packages and have no job. But that does not mean the end of having an income.

Mmusi Moses Serobatse gives you some tips on how to take that big leap into your own business.

1. Idea and opportunity screening.Find a new venture (business).Analyze it. Ask yourself these questions:* Does it meet my needs?* Who will be my customers? * Where are the potential markets?* Who are my competitors? Talk to their customers.

Find out what they like and don't like.* Test the market with your product or services.* Talk to retailers.

2. Is my business financially viable (possible)?* How much will it cost me to start up? How much will I need to spend on stock?* Do I have this much money? If I don't, can I get a loan?*

How much will it cost to run this business:Fixed costs: costs that will not change much over a year like rent, electricityVariable costs: costs that will change a lot depending on how busy your business gets eg labour, petrol, materials

3. Write a business plan Elements of a business plan * cover page * executive summary* business overview (business profile and the product)* management information * the product that you sell or services you offer * market analysis* sales strategy * financial statement and projections * risk analysis* supporting documents

* Cover page – The cover page should contain the title, business name, business address and contact details. * Executive Summary – is the most important part of the business plan.

It must speak the language of strategy to your financier (bank loan or any other source of investment). It should be written last as it is the summary. It gives an overview of the entire plan.

* Business overview – It includes information on the background of the business that is: 1. the product that you plan to sell2. your assets (Your properties)3. your experience (only if it is an existing business)4. the kind of business (close corporation or sole proprietor) 5. the mission, vision (What you hope to achieve)6. your long-term and short term goals

* Management information

1. Includes the skills and experience of the owner and must be followed by finance and administration.2. Curriculum vitae of the owner or partners3. Indicate the financial contribution of the owner4. The management structure and the number of staff.

* The product

Describe: 1. The product that you will sell. 2. The competitive edge of your product – why will your product sell better than your competitor? 3. The area of operation4.

Give a short description of the premises from where you operate.

* Market analysis1. List your potential customers2. Include your competitors3. Include the price and the quality of your product

* Sales Strategy1. Describe your promotional activities2. Describe your pricing strategy and how you compare with your competitors

* Financial statement It includes an operating budget and how much to expect every month

* Risk analysisState the possible internal strengths, weaknesses and external opportunities and threats

* Supporting documents

1. Documentation relating to licenses, copyrights, trade marks and patents2. Photographs, brochures and any material to advertise your product.3. Copies of ID documents and any other paper showing who you are4.

Copies of company or close corporation certificates and any other registration paper work 5. List of referees who will account for your credit worthiness, quality of your product and the skills that you have.

4. Where to register your close corporation (CC) or your business.a. Go to your nearest CCC CENTRE (CONSTRUCTION, CONSULTANT CENTR) OR visit your nearest DTI OFFICESb.

Bring a certified ID copy with at least three names for your business to choose from. (Sometimes someone has already registered the name that you want!)c. You must have at least R100 if you are going to Tshwane DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) d. You must have at least R270 if registering at CCC in Johannesburg CBD corner Harrison and President Street. e.

Then they will give you a temporary trading certificate. You must then go to SARS (South African Revenue Service) to get a Tax clearance certificate. f. Visit your nearest Labour Department for your company to be in the data base for Public Works projects.

Ukuqala ibhizinisi elincane Abaningi bethu babhekene nokudilizwa, bathathe amaphakheji emali ekhokhwa uma ngabe inkontilaki yomsebenzi isifinyelela ekupheleni futhi asinamsebenzi.

Kodwa lokho akusho ukuphela kokuba nemali engenayo. Vakashela ihhovisi le-DTI eliseduze nawe noma isikhungo sezinhlelo zamabhizinisi bese ulandela lezi zinyathelo. Isinyathelo 1: Ukuhlola kokuhlunga umqondo kanye nethuba.

Thola iphrojekthi entsha (ibhizinisi). Lihlaziye. Isinyathelo 2: Zibuze – ingabe ibhizinisi lami ngokwezimali lingenzeka (linokwenzeka)?Isinyathelo 3: Bhala uhlelo lwebhizinisi Isinyathelo 4: Bhalisa inkampani yakho enabanikazi abambalwa (close corporation (CC)) noma ibhizinisi lakho.

Hoe om ‘n klein besigheid te begin Baie van ons staar aflegging in die gesig, of ons het vrywillige skeidingspakkette aanvaar en het nou nie werk nie. Maar dit hoef nie die einde aan ‘n inkomste te beteken nie.

Besoek jou naaste DHN-kantoor of ’n sentrum vir besigheidsplanne en volg hierdie stappe:Stap 1: Ondersoek idees en geleenthede.Kry ’n nuwe onderneming (besigheid).

Analiseer dit. Stap 2: Vra jouself – is my besigheid finansieel lewensvatbaar (kan dit werk)?Stap 3: Skryf ‘n besigheidsplan Stap 4: Registreer jou beslote korporasie (BK) of jou besigheid.

Ho qala kgwebo e nyenyane Ba bangata ba rona re tobane le ho fokotswa mosebetsing, re ithaopile ho itokolla mosebetsing mme ha re sa sebetsa .Empa hoo ha ho bolele hore re se re fihlile ntlheng eo re ke keng ra pheta re iketsetsa tjhelete.

E ya ofising e haufi le wena ya Lefapha la Kgwebo le Indasteri (DTI) kapa setsing sa meralo ya kgwebo mme o latele mehato ena.Mohato wa 1: Tekolo ya Mohopolo le monyetla.Batla ntho (kgwebo) e ntjha. Etsa hlophollo ya yona.

Mohato wa 2: Ipotse – na kgwebo ya ka e ka tswela pele (e na le bokgoni)?Mohato wa 3: Ngola moralo wa kgwebo Mohato wa 4: Ngodisa close corporation (CC) ya hao kapa kgwebo ya hao.


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