Commission reinstates office bearers

Northern Cape commissioners reinstate regional office bearers

The core business of recalling the Northern Cape Regional Congress prior to the 8th National Congress was to table the Numsa Commissioner's report (originally reported in Numsa News No 4, August 2008) on their investigations into alleged irregularities at the Northern Cape Regional Congress in April 2008. Veronica Mofokeng reports.

The 1st Deputy President, Ben Khoza and the Deputy General Secretary, Bheki Msibi presented the Commission's report which was adopted by the NEC to the regional congress.

The Commission found:* there was no foundation for the allegations/complaints from five shop stewards from Welkom Local headed by Lararus Moetsela and Collins Mokhele * there was no substance to the allegations /complaints lodged by Kimberley Local.

Although the Kimberley Local had lodged a dispute on the constitutionality of the Welkom Local delegates to the regional congress, it also confessed to the Commission that the Kimberley local itself did not follow due process as outlined on choosing delegates to the regional congress.

And it had not disclosed to the regional congress that it could not comply 100% with all the provisions of the Numsa Constitution.

All the evidence presented during the hearings failed to convince the Commission that there had been a gross violation of the Numsa constitution and policies that warranted the reversal of the April 2008 regional congress outcomes.

The Commission recommended that the current regional office bearers (ROBs) should be respected by all within the region.However the Commission found that there are factional battles that are undermining the smooth operation of the union, pre- and post the regional congress.

The lack of collective leadership by the National Office Bearers (NOBs) and political power struggles in the region have worsened the state of organisational paralysis in the region.

Because of the seriousness of problems within the region, a Special Pilot Project was declared and the incoming NOBs will take full responsibility with the ROBs so as to stabilise the union and to refocus energy that is wasted on personal struggles in order to advance the interests of our members.

The congress welcomed the Commission's report and the intervention of the Central Committee and was confident that there would be progress in the future.

Reinstated Regional Office Bearers:Chairperson: Daniel MotloungVice chair: Petrus LitabeTreasurer: Evodia LenyatsaRegional Finance Committee: Mthethwa Jwaxa, Philip Bozo, Eliot KwelemthiniRegional Secretary: Elias Mashiloane


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