Numsa hails the R1, 5 billion investment by Ford

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) is extremely cheerful about the massive R1, 5 billion global export programme launched by Ford Motor Company today (Wednesday).

As part of reciprocating the support initiatives and commitment by Ford to boost growth in the motor manufacturing and global competitive auto industry, Numsa has thrown its weight fully behind the programme to ensure workers’ skills development is intensified in order to enhance re-dedication to competitive quality production.

The investment has indeed set a new production scenery as it will increase Ford motor plant capacity in Pretoria to 110 000 units, raise engine production in Port Elizabeth’s Struandale to annual production of about 180 000 units.

We welcome the initiative precisely for its potential to sustain current jobs, enhance job creation further and its recurring spin-offs not only in the auto industry, but also in the downstream sectors including engineering, panel body, tyre, fuels and minerals energy, Numsa first deputy- president Ben Khoza said.

Ford has displayed steadfast investment confidence to the country as this is the major accomplishment for everyone. A seminal study by progressive economists has shown that the investment’s off shoots has the strength to raise multiplier effect of further R79 billion and thousands of downstream jobs in future.

The fact that local suppliers also stand to benefit requires consideration of other multinational motor assembly plants to emulate Ford’s aggressive expansion programmes in the country.

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