Big Belly Laugh

Big Belly Laugh

Cosatu CC drink water from CanadaWe know that South Africa is a water-scarce nation but was it really necessary for Cosatu CC delegates to be drinking bottled water all the way from Canada?

At the Central Committee held at Esselen Park in September water bottles on delegates' tables had two flags flying proudly on their sides – Canada's and South Africa's.

The bottle declared that the water was from Canada but bottled in South Africa.Is this the modern equivalent of "bringing coals to Newcastle?"

The numbers gameCosatu has 1.8 million paid up members.The ANC has just more than 600 000 paid up members.What would happen if Cosatu members really did swell the ANC's ranks?

What would you do if shop stewards did this?PSL executives have been criticised by Cosatu, Safpu and Trevor Manuel for accepting a 'gratuity' from Absa after the bank awarded the PSL a massive sponsorship.

It's a bit like shop stewards negotiating a new wage increase with their employers and instead of shaking hands on settlement, management gives them a 'financial reward' for securing the settlement.

Cosatu and Safpu are calling on the PSL 'shop stewards' to hand the "gratuity" to clubs, players, and to fund development programmes in schools and poor communities.

The PSL 'shop stewards' are still finalising how the money will be handed out. Their latest idea is to increase the numbers of 'shop stewards' that should receive it!


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