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Competition Commission fines Mittal SteelThe Competition Commission has slapped a fine of R692m on Mittal Steel for charging excessive prices on steel and ordered it to change the way it sells steel to the domestic market.

Numsa has long complained about Mittal's prices of steel saying that this prevented downstream manufacturers from setting up companies to create jobs.

However, Mittal has said that it will lodge an appeal against the ruling.Meanwhile government has announced that it will consider setting up a rival steel company.

Engineering working groupsNegotiations have started around issues that were referred to working groups after the recent engineering strike.

According to sector coordinator, Thulani Mthiyane, parties have held initial meetings on the collapsing of grades G and H and setting up a medical aid. More in the next Numsa News.

Engineering surplus payout – still a long wait!While our trustees in the engineering retirement fund were preparing to distributen the surplus in terms of the Labour Relations Act, the government approved an amendment to the Pension Funds Act.

This amendment now means that even the Bargaining Council retirement funds must distribute surplus according to the Pension Funds Act."The impact of this is that the whole process to hand out the engineering surplus must start again which could mean another 12 months delay," says Sam Tsiane, Numsa's retirement funds coordinator. "We have attempted to secure an exemption from the Financial Services Board however the regulator is adamant!"

Go and swell Numsa's ranks!After the engineering strike, we saw workers en masse flocking to our offices, especially young workers. Nkhangweni Masutha spoke to new member Hleziphi in Numsa's Emalahleni local.

Why did you decide to join the union after the engineering strike?At that time I did not see any need to join the union because the employer promised to give us a better increase only to find the increase I am getting was too little and he gave me as and when he wanted to. And I was paying agency shop fees but without enjoying the full benefits.

What benefits are you referring to?I am not represented at a disciplinary hearing instituted against me, I get no funeral benefit that Numsa offers.

How did you establish that there were such benefits?Through this Numsa News and the shop stewards during the general meetings of the union and when union officials came to recruit us to join the union.

Was this the reason that prompted you to join the union?I have seen the tremendous gain from this strike. It shows that Numsa represents the interests of workers; indeed it improves the working conditions of its members in particular and workers in the industry in general.

What do you say to those that remain unorganised?Go and swell Numsa's ranks. Trade union politics is all about numbers!

Sick Pay Fund: Wider coverage, better benefits

From July 16 2007 all engineering workers belong to the Engineering Sick Pay Fund. If you have always been a member, your contributions are now lower and your benefits are better. You will pay 0,09% of your wage to the Fund instead of 0,18. You will get these improved benefits:

* Sick Pay Benefits – 50% of wages for absences through illness and injury in excess of paid sick leave entitlement, up to a maximum period of 30 weeks.

* Injury on Duty – maximum of 3 days gap cover for the first three days you are off sick which are not covered by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (Coida)* Funeral Benefit – R5000 on the death of a member.

* Pregnancy and Stillborn Confinement – Full wages for 26 weeks for pregnancy and 12 weeks for stillborn confinement.* Adoption of Children under 2 years of age – Full wages for 26 weeks (new benefit)

I-Sick Pay Fund kwezobunjiniyela iba ngconoKusukela ngomhla ka-16 Julayi 2007 bonke abasebenzi bezobunjiniyela bakhavwe yi-Sick Pay Fund. Ngo-0,09% wamaholo enu nithola:

* inkokhelo ngokugula kanye nezinzuzo zokulimalela emsebenzini* izinzuzo zomngcwabo eziwu-R5000 uma usushonile* ilivu yokuyobeletha ikhokhelwa iholo eligcwele noma uma wamukela ngokusemthethweni ingane eneminyaka engaphansi kwemi-2 iba ngeyakho (adoption).

Siekefonds vir die Ingenieursbedryf word beterVanaf 16 Julie 2007 word alle werkers in die ingenieursbedryf deur die Siekefonds gedek.Vir slegs 0,09% van jou loon kry jy:* siekebetaling en voordele ten opsigte van beserings wat as gevolg van jou werk opgedoen is* begrafnisvoordeel van R5000 wanneer jy sterf* kraamverlof met volle betaling – ook as jy ‘n kind van jonger as 2 aanneem

Letlole la Tefello ya ho Kula la Boenjinere le ya ntlafalaHo tloha ka la 16 Phupu 2007 basebetsi bohle ba boenjinere ba sireleditswe ke Letlole la Tefello ya ho Kula.

Bakeng sa 0,09% feela ya moputso wa hao o fumana:* tefello ya ho kula le ho tswa kotsi dibenefiting tsa mosebetsing* benefiti ya lepato ya R5000 ha o hlokahala* llifi ya ho ya beleha mme o leshwe moputso o felletseng le ha o adoptha ngwana ya ka tlase ho dilemo tse 2


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