The red flag flies high!Reflections from the Congress of Communists Emambozana-eBhayi Tengo Tengela

From the SACP's mouth: Industrialisation policyA state-led industrial policy must:* promote a labour-intensive manufacturing sector. * renationalise companies in strategic sectors eg Sasol and Mittal Steel* improve beneficiation of minerals* increase investment in infrastructure and ramp up public works programmes* subordinate trade and macro-economic policy to a strategy that meets basic human needs* ensure procurement policies support local production, employment, and broad-based empowerment* use of food in production of bio-fuels must be regulated so that it guarantees food security and avoids food hikes

Agriculture and rural development* abolish "willing seller-willing buyer" principle to speed up land redistribution* state to provide back up for peasants with materials and training* restructure the Land Bank so it redirects its funding to small-scale farming and coops

Building a progressive civic movement* intensify the Know Your Neighbourhood Campaign* campaign for popular participation and participatory democracy* call for establishment of a progressive civic movement, form organs of people's power to deal with community issues "without undue influence of political parties"

Nelson Mandela Metro University in Port Elizabeth was a liberated zone of communists from July 11-12. Right from the entrance to the Sports Centre where the conference took place, the red flag was flying high, the faces of Marx and Lenin were telling the world that Marxism-Leninism is alive.

The songs, slogans and toyi-toying bore testament to a living organism that has stood the test of time. Communist detractors have failed to erase the SACP from history!

Not now! Not Never! Will communists cross the Rubicon? This was a question that was peddled around by the print media. Which Rubicon were they referring to? It was the great state power debate.

Did communists really cross it? The 12th Congress said not now! Not never. This means that the incoming Central Committee will convene a policy conference within a year in order to assess the feasibility, and potential advantages and disadvantages of the different modalities.

According to the congress resolution the SACP's policy conference will have to choose whether to contest in a reconfigured alliance platform or stand independently and form coalitions after elections.

A source at the conference who did not want his name disclosed said “it’s clear that this resolution has to wait until Limpompo”. History will tell! One thing was clear at Emambozana, delegates wanted the SACP to have an independent voice in the corridors of power!

Accelerate the implementation of Freedom CharterI don’t know Metal Workers whether to say these are good days or not, but I’m tempted to think they are. Last year Numsa sponsored a resolution at Cosatu's 8th Congress on nationalisation of key industries.

The ANC National Policy Conference emerged with the same resolutions, the SACP has now followed suit. You can see the imprints of metalworkers in all these key sites of policy formulation! On a serious note the SACP resolution says “to campaign for and ensure the re-nationalisation of companies in strategic sectors such as Sasol and Mittal Steel with the ultimate aim of nationalising and socialising the commanding heights of the economy in line with the vision of the Freedom Charter”. Good work Ntsimbi Ayigobi detachment, the task now is implementation.

Intensify SACP presence in the workplace The industrial proletariat is seized with the task of leading society but for it to do this it will require solid efforts at the point of production.

The resolutions from the commission on the workplace bring challenges to Numsa. “The SACP must intensify the campaign for the establishment of workplace SACP units in all industries.

Furthermore, these workplace units must be continuously serviced and monitored for sustainability”. Metal workers you know you are leading in this area, therefore we must accelerate the implementation of our last congress resolution so that we exercise our leadership role even in this arena.

A Party of workers The key challenge for the SACP is to fight against its weaknesses – the organisational apparatus. The SACP must be the most organised vanguard force.

It must struggle against procrastination, be financially prudent and uphold the principle of inner party democracy and encourage unity in diversity. This congress has increased the representation of the workers but must do the same to address the gender component. Arise the toilers of the earth! Arise the prisoners of starvation!The red flag is flying high in South Africa; the red flag must continue to fly high in Africa.

Yanqumani i-SACP?Izithunywa engqungqutheleni kazwelonke ye-SACP ngoJulayi zagunyaza ingqungquthela yenqubomgomo ngonyaka ozayo ukuthi inqume ukuthi i-SACP ingabe kufanele ukuthi izimele ngokwayo yini okhethweni noma kufanele iqhubeke nokungena ethikithini le-ANC.

Yathi futhi kufanele ukuthi izinkampani ezifana neSasol kanye neMittal zenziwe ezikazwelonke futhi kanye nokukhuthazwa komkhiqizo wokwenza umsebenzi ngokujulile.Yathi izozama ukwakha inhlangano yabantu eqhubekayo emiphakathini futhi igqugquzele uhulumeni ukuthi ahlinzeke ngokokuxhasa ngezimali kanye nempahla kubalimi abancane kanye nabahlanganyele.

Wat het die SAKP besluit?Afgevaardigdes by die SAKP se nasionale kongres in Julie het ‘n mandaat aanvaar om volgende jaar ‘n beleidskonferensie te hou waar besluit moet word of die SAKP as ‘n onafhanklike liggaam aan die verkiesing moet deelneem en of die party moet voortgaan om saam met die ANC aan die verkiesing te deel te neem.

Die kongres het ook gevra dat maatskappye soos Sasol en Mittal Steel gehernasionaliseer moet word, en dat arbeidsintensiewe produksie in die vervaardigingsektor bevorder moet word.Verder is daar besluit om ‘n progressiewe burgerlike beweging in gemeenskappe uit te bou, en om die staat aan te moedig om finansiële en materiële ondersteuning aan kleinskaalse boere en koöperatiewe ondernemings te verskaf.

Na SACP e nkile qeto efe?Baromuwa khonkreseng ya naha ya SACP ka Phupu ba ile ba fana ka thomo ya hore khonferense e latelang e shebe leano la ho etsa qeto ya hore SACP e lokela ho ba mokga o ikemetseng dikgethong kapa na e sa ntsane e lokela ho ema ka tekete ya ANC.

Hape e entse boipiletso ba hore dikhampani sa poraefete tse jwalo ka Sasol le Mittal Steel di kengwe hape tlasa taolo ya mmuso, mme ho kgothaletswe mekgwa ya tlhahiso e akaretsang mesebetsi e etsuwang ka matsoho.

E itse e tla phehella ho haha mokga wa baahi o sebeletsang diphetoho baahing le ho kgothaletsa mmuso hore o fane ka ditjhelete le disebediswa tsa tshehetso ho balemi ba banyenyane le dikoporasing.


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