Frequently reminded

Surely, I am frequently reminded.Would my past life be my downfall or would it be my rising experience?Cos I’m frequently reminded about my past life and experiences.My present situation clearly reminds me of my past life.Yes, it’s my past life, But at work it becomes so new in the manner in which I’m frequently reminded.

I’m trying very hard to stay focused And be positive about my present lifeAnd yet my past deprives me The golden opportunity to enjoy the life I have today.My social life is nothing compared to the way That I planned it to be when we are free.My work and earnings are far away from what I thought they would be when we are free.The education that my children are getting is totally different from what I imagined it would be when we are free.The life that I’m living financially is not meant for a free man.

These are just a few of the seventeen reasons And some that I have not mentioned They are indicators that I’m verbally and vocally free They all frequently remind me of my past.

Yes, life is what I can make of it. But where do I start?All the mechanisms are held by the same people,I make sure that theirs are running smooth, Fruitfully, constantly and aggressively, including their children. These remind me of older generations who used to walk the same path It reminds me of my past.

My payment is accurately calculated So that I don’t live a debt-free life Even if I have financial life skills, They are useless. I’m only paid to make it through the day Even the next day I have to earn a living.

For me to be productive and active, I need nutritious food and a balanced diet.For me to be fit and healthy, I need a healthy environment, good medicines, Stress-free life, gym and a good financial life.Because I’m financially challenged, This is the life I can only enjoy in my dreams and This situation frequently reminds me of my past experiences.

To take my child to a doctor is disrespecting my employer’s mission.Taking care of family responsibilities is neglecting production.Paternity leave is a crime against my employer.Taking sick leave is a major deduction from the employer’s share.Coming back to work, I would be counseled not to be ill again, Having a child that is sick Death in the family All frequently remind me of my past experiences.

Please give me the freedom that I fought so hard for, To free myself once and for all.Hand me the tools, I need to run my life the way I planned it to be. Please God Almighty, bless me with the powered strength To overcome my bitter past life which is affecting the present one.

Help me Lord to forgive anyone who deprived me my freedom Let those who are frequently reminding me about my past Come to their senses Let your will be done concerning my future And each and every hard and sweating worker.This is the only way I can overcome my past and stay positive about my future

Thembeka Nohashe, GMSA, Port Elizabeth

rage against de beast

in a rush to cometo terms wit de capitalistswe have settled for lessfathers abused mothers rapedmy mind choked in deep prisoncells im forced to be a rebelcoz im in chains the whitemandoes not want to let gowhen i speak like this thepresident chucks me intothe ghetto while ma people getshot in kliptown for marchingfor their rights so please go tellmandela that sonwabo meyiis not down with this rainbownation myth i’d rather die fightinglike steve biko who said: “the mostpotent weapon in the hands of the oppressoris the mind of the oppressed”…i got to keep ma mind black and strivefor a consciousness that willnever sellout like many of todaysleaders…go tell the BEE fat catsthat ma AK-47 is fully loaded if theydon’t start sharing with the poorim gona start the revolution…please give acall to chris hani and che guevara tell themi need some help…the beast has gone too farso socx got to rage against itso that me and my brothers and my sistersdont have to run for cover when the policemencome…st.solitudemonksoundsystem presents:rage against the beast…aluta continua…nuff said

sonwabo meyi, gmsa, port elizabeth