Motor: What we want from motor employers!

Petrol attendants’ wagesNumsa has successfully negotiated an agreement from employers that they will raise petrol attendants’ wage rates to a minimum of more than R2000 per month. But they say they will only do this once the department of minerals and energy and the minister of finance agree to a hike in the petrol price of at least 2c a litre on top of the other increases that are happening every month.

Izindaba ezikhona

iholo labantu abathela uphethroli -Abaqashi basezimotweni bavumelane neNumsa ngokwemigomo ukukhphula amaholo ezisebenzi ezithela uphethroli ngokuthi abe ngaphezu kuka-R2000 ngenyanga. KODWA bathi bangakwenza lokhu kuphela uma uhulumeni evuma ukukhuphula amanani kaphethroli ngamasente ambalwa ilitha ngaphezu kokukhuphuka kwentengo kaphethroli okwenzeka ngenyanga ngayinye. Bheka imininingwane kuNumsa News nom ubuze igosa lakho.
ukufuna abasebenzi – Sidinga usizo lwakho ukuze sifune abasebenzi basezimotweni abaningana kungenjalo uNgqongqoshe Wezemisebenzi kungenzeka ale ukwelulela isivumelwano kwabanye abasebenzi. Uma enza lokhu, kungasho ukuphela kwamalungelo akho owasebenzele kanzima Bajoyine namhlanje.
Ukunakekelwa Kwezempilo Ezimotweni -Uma unezinkinga ngosizo olusha lwezokwelashwa, sicela unikeze umhleli yonke imininingwane yakho ngezinkinga esingakwenzela zona ngcono.

Recruit your fellow worker!We are appealing to all motor workers. Please help us to recruit non-members in your sector. Latest figures show that more than 66% of motor workers do not belong to one of the trade unions in the Motor Bargaining Council – Numsa or Misa-Samu. If we don’t organise more members, the Minister of Labour may refuse to extend the agreement to cover all motor workers. And if that happens, those employers that currently fall under the Bargaining Council may want to get out of the Bargaining Council. And then all our hard won rights will be gone!So please encourage your fellow comrades to join Numsa!

Moto Health CareWorkers are reporting that there are some problems with the new medical aid. If you have problems with:

unpaid medical bills
service providers that refuse to recognise Moto Health Care
or any other problem please give all the details to your nearest Numsa office so that a Numsa organiser can send these to Moto Health with copies to the Numsa regional office so that these issues can be followed up.


CPI-X + improvement factor of 15%
increases on actual rates of pay, not minimums
minimum wage R2500
cashiers to earn not less than R2 750 per month


petroljoggies se lone – Motorwerkgewers het in beginsel met Numsa ooreengekom om petroljoggies se lone te verhoog na meer as R2000 per maand. MAAR hulle síª dat hulle dit slegs kan doen sodra die regering instem om die petrolprys met “˜n paar ekstra sent per liter te verhoog bo en behalwe die normale maandelikse stygings in die petrolprys. Hou Numsa News dop vir besonderhede, of vind by jou vloerbeampte uit.
nuwe lede – Ons het jou hulp nodig om motorwerkers by ons te laat aansluit, anders mag die Minister van Arbeid weier om die ooreenkoms ook op ander werkers van toepassing te maak. En as hy dí­t doen, dan kan dit die einde van jou swaargewonne regte beteken. Skryf hulle vandag in.
Moto Health Care/Gesondheidsorg – As jy probleme het met die nuwe mediese fonds, moet jy asseblief jou organiseerder van al die besonderhede omtrent die probleem inlig, sodat ons dit vir jou kan verbeter.

2. No to labour brokers; temporary workers must be employed on limited duration contracts; after 12 months they must become permanent3. 4 weeks severance pay per year of service4. Set up a lay-off fund funded by employers at 10c per hour per employee5. Retrenched workers must get preference in re-employment situations6. Family responsibility leave to cover extended family – 5 days per occurrence

7. Shift allowance

night shift – 20%
afternoon shift – 15%
morning shift – 7,5%
employers to provide free transport to afternoon and night shift workers

8. Maternity leave

6 months and 100% paid by employer
no night shift during pregnancy

9. Five days paternity leave

Tse ntseng di etsahala

meputso ya di-petrol attendant’ – Bahiri ba bangata ba dumellane le Numsa ho nyolla meputso ya di-petrol attendant ho ya ka hodimo ho R2000 ka kgwedi. EMPA ba re ba ka etsa hona feela ha mmuso o ka dumela ho nyolla theko ya peterole ka disente tse mmalwa litara hodima theko e tlwaelehileng e nyollwang ya peterole e etsahalang kgwedi le kgwedi. Sheba Numsa News bakeng sa dintlha kapa batlisisa ho tswa ho shopsteward ya lona.
ho thaotha basebetsi – Re hloka thuso ya lona bakeng sa ho thaotha basebetsi ba bangata ba makoloing ho seng jwalo Letona la Mesebetsi le ka hanela katoloso ya tumellano ho ya ho basebetsi ba bang. Mme ha le ka etsa hona, hoo ho tla bolela hore ditokelo tsa lona tseo le di fihletseng ka mora ho di lwanela ka matla di fella mona. Ha re ba ngodiseng kajeno.
Moto Health Care – Haebe o na le mathata ka medical aid e ntjha, o kotjwa hore o nehe organiser ya lona dintlha tsohle tse mabapi le mathata e le hore re tle re ho lokisetse mathata ao.

10. HIV/Aids

no limit to sick leave for HIV positive workers who have disclosed their status
HIV positive workers who have disclosed their status must be exempt from incapacity and sick absence disciplining
companies to provide free ARVs or adopt a community based project/centre and channel the employee there

11. Training and grading

Bargaining Council to set and monitor targets for training as per critical/scarce skills list eg. 10 000 in the next five years.
Training including ABET should be offered during working hours
Develop career paths for motor workers at company level
Transfer of skills must be the pre-requisite in all joint ventures, mergers taking place in the industry
learners must be employed after training
employers must accelerate training for employees

12. Mega bargaining council to cover motor retail, metal and engineering, tyre and rubber, and automobile manufacturers13. Women workers – employers must increase and accelerate the employment of female employees in the industry

14. Health and safety

Full time health and safety representatives as required by Health and Safety Act
not less than 60 days per annum to develop their capacity

15. Annual leave bonus at 8.33%16. Any conditions of employment less favourable than the Basic Conditions of Employment Act must be amended17. Numsa will encourage members to enter into Esops.