We want to hear from you:* What do you say about the letter of cde Bo?* Are you working as shop stewards or capital stewards?* Are young workers members of Numsa?* Are they taking part in Numsa and Cosatu campaigns and if not, why not?Write and tell us.

Child labourThem racking ‘n scrappingPorn to worst scenarios,Yet democracy prevails,So which way to freedom?

With sore handsAnd scarred feet,On racist farms, themToilers of the earth.

Kind of minister,Where are you?Department of justice,Are you working?

Sentimental scenes theseAre, to witness slaveryDuring liberation years,In our own fatherland.

Save the naked stingOf the Scorpions,Them hunt one-sideTo trail black elite.

Crime is child labour.As sinful to the act,Thus nail perpetrators,And ban child labour.

Aubrey ka Saki