Key points of the political resolutions:

On the alliance* partners in the alliance should recognise one another’s independence, respect each other and accord each one equal status* there should be regular meetings to iron out tensions:- the alliance secretariat meeting should meet every two weeks to coordinate and implement agreed programmes- the alliance 10-a-side should meet quarterly* the political centre must be properly defined and constituted* a debate should be initiated in the alliance leading up to the 2007 ANC conference and the SACP 11th congress. Such a debate should cover the issues of:- combating centralisation and patronage as well as ideological differences within the alliance- the independent programmes of alliance partners eg debates about the SACP putting up candidates for elections. (If the SACP does decide to put up candidates, Cosatu to call a special CC to debate how it should respond.)* the SACP should lead the alliance.

On the ANCIn the last Numsa News we summarised the different scenarios that Cosatu had put forward to stimulate debate. Congress supported Scenario 2 as well as parts of Scenario 3 – swelling the ranks of the ANC and getting alliance partners to sign an enforceable pact – look at Numsa News No 4 for more details.* congress reaffirmed the 8th National Congress decision to “swell the ranks of the ANC” * working class cadres must contest leadership positions in the ANC, “ensure that activities of the ANC structures are dominated by working class issues and concerns” and promote the unity of the alliance.* Cosatu CEC in 2007 must set out working class friendly targets that the ANC must achieve. Cosatu will assess the ANC’s progress on these targets in June 2008.

On the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and Socialism* congress rejects the separation of the NDR from socialism.* Cosatu and the SACP must “synergise their programmes to give concrete expression to the NDR as a revolution towards socialism”.* form a popular movement towards socialism “located within a restructured alliance and involving a range of mass movements” to assert the leadership of the working class in the NDR.* debate the relationship between the NDR and socialism at the 2007 ANC national conference.

On the SACP and state power* Cosatu leadership must be card-carrying members of the SACP.* Cosatu must design a short, medium and long term political and education programme of action towards a socialist South Africa

Strengthening democracy* scrap floor-crossing legislation, abolish provincial legislatures and review and rework the present electoral system towards one that is constituency-based as well as proportional.

On JZ* Cosatu calls for the immediate reinstatement of JZ to the position of deputy president of South Africa

On National Women’s Movement (NWM)* Cosatu to build a new working relationship with the NWM around specific issues that are pro-poor and pro-women workers.