Editorial: Preparing For COSATU Congress

P>Cosatu Congress and the NDR

Consistent with our militant tradition of rigorous debates in Numsa Congresses, we have also tabled for the Cosatu Congress a number of resolutions dealing with the characterization of the current conjuncture of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). The essence of our argument is that the Alliance must develop a common strategy in this decade to struggle and defeat the hegemony of white monopoly capital. We strongly believe that our resolutions submitted to Cosatu will lay a firm foundation to assert the leadership of the working class in the NDR. This is not a task as we have argued in our political discussion paper titled: Breaking new ground on the most vexing questions confronting our revolution, that you decree in a resolution. It is a struggle that the working class has to fight and win ideologically in society. It entails among other things a struggle to build an all-round cadre that understands and appreciates the challenges of the trade union movement and the working class in general. We will not be doing any good if we go to the Cosatu Congress and lament about the weaknesses of Cosatu when we know very well that there are serious organisational and ideological weaknesses that we have not attended to sufficiently.

2015 Plan

The 8th Cosatu Congress set out the 2015 Plan. This covered organisational, political, socio-economic and international matters which the Federation and its affiliates had to pursue towards this 9th Congress. The question that we should pose is, what foundation have we laid in this period towards 2015? These are some of the matters that this forthcoming Congress will have to deal with to strengthen the Federation and its affiliates. As metalworkers we will engage other affiliates in a robust and constructive manner that seeks to build the Federation. On behalf of the National Office Bearers, we wish to thank in particular the national Numsa Preparatory Team that has made it possible for our regions to prepare thoroughly for the Cosatu Congress. We are confident that the work we have done towards this Congress will make us walk tall. We have lived up to our tradition of a militant, revolutionary and united metalworkers union. “Asinamona, asinandzondo, siyayidumisa i-Cosatu” Forward to a united and successful Cosatu Congress!

Aluta Continua!

Silumko Nondwangu,

general secretary