Motor: Questions and Answers on Motor Surplus

BRS has been appointed by the motor industry pension and provident funds to try and find all past members of the funds. BRS has advertised in newspapers and on radio and is busy visiting Numsa offices to explain the process. These are questions that shop stewards asked BRS at a meeting in Johannesburg South local

Where does the surplus come from?Many workers were members of pension funds in the motor industry. Many members received two thirds of their benefits when they left the industry but when they were meant to receive their pension when they retired, the pension fund had lost contact with them and they never received the payment due to them.

On dependants not being entitled to benefits Numsa motor sector coordinator, Sam Tsiane says:

“The Act does not allow the funds to pay the surplus to dependants of the member who has died. However, Numsa thinks that only about 50% of the former members will come forward and claim.

“If this happens, then we will negotiate with the employers about the money that is left.

We think that we must consider dependants of the deceased members as well as current members who may not benefit out of the first payout.”

Why did the funds never find these members?It is a very expensive business and the funds did not have the money to do that.

Who will receive benefits from the surplus?The funds are paying out according to the Pension Funds Amendment Act. In terms of this, all former members who left the funds before March 31 2004 and who were members of at least one of the funds from January 1 1980 could be entitled to benefits.

Engineering surplus updateThe last Numsa News reported that there was a delay in doling out the surplus in the engineering pension and provident funds. Employer and trade union representatives had written to the Minister of Finance to ask him to intervene in the matter and end the delay.

As Numsa News went to print, the Minister had not yet responded.

According to Numsa engineering sector coordinator, Thulani Mthiyane, employers and trade unions are continuing to set up the infrastructure to pay out the surplus should the Financial Services Board decide against appealing against the High Court judgment. The High Court said that the funds could pay out the surplus in line with the Labour Relations Act.

What happens if the member has now died, are her dependants entitled to benefits?No, her dependants are not entitled to benefits. [see box below]

We have heard that BRS is handling the surplus distribution in the motor industry. Who is BRS?BRS stands for Benefit Recovery Services. BRS helps pension and provident funds find past members that are owed money by their funds.

Must we pay you for BRS services?No. Members must not pay anything to register themselves with BRS. BRS only gets paid by the Funds if it finds people.

Who pays BRS?The motor industry pension or provident funds pay BRS.

How do I register with BRS?Phone BRS on 086 727 7007

If you want to find out if you are entitled to surplus benefits phone BRS on 086 727 7007.

Which motor industry funds have surplus benefits in them?

Auto Workers Pension Fund
Auto Workers Provident Fund
Motor Industry/MISA Provident Fund

How much will members of these funds receive?It depends on how long members were members of the funds and how much they were contributing.

Are there any funds which have no surplus and no benefits?Yes. These are:

Motor Industry Pension Fund
MISA Pension Fund
Copartes Pension Fund.

I am a member of Electrolite fund, it is a private provident fund. Will I get benefits?I cannot say because yours is a private fund. Find out from your company. The funds that I am talking about are run by the Motor Industry Bargaining Council.

Ukufuna izimali zakho zempesheni nezesikhwama sokubhekela abasebenzi uma sebethatha umhlalaphansiImpesheni nesikhwama sokubhekela abasebenzi lapho sebethatha umhlalaphansi kuqala ukukhokha imali esalile ezimalini zabo embonini yezimoto. Phendula le mibuzo ukuze ubone ukuthi ufanele yini ukuthola ingxenye yemali esele:

1.Uke wasebenza embonini yezimoto – lapho okuthengiswa khona izimoto, egaraji njengomuntu othela uphetroli, eshabhu lokucangcatha izimoto, esitolo esithengisa izinsimbi zezimoto, eshabhu lokulungisa izimoto?

2. Wake waba ilungu lalezi zikhwama [Fund]?

I-Auto Workers Pension Fund
I-Auto Workers Provident Fund
I-Motor Industry/MISA Provident Fund

3. Uma impendulo yakho kunguyebo kodwa wase uyishiya imboni ngaphambi komhla ka-31 Mashi 2004, ungaba nelungelo lokuthola ingxenye yemali esele.

4. Shayela kwababhekene nemisebenzi yokubuyisa izinzuzo i- Benefit Recovery Services [BRS] ku- 086 727 7007 ukuze uthole ukuthi unalo yini ilungelo lokuthola ingxenye.

5. Uma kufanele uthole ingxenye, i-BRS izokusiza ngokuthi uthole imali yakho esele futhi bakwenzele umsebenzi mahhala. Ungayikhokheli i-BRS.

Hoe om jou geld uit die pensioen- en voordeelfondse op te eis Die pensioen- en voordeelfondse in die motorbedryf het pas begin om die surplus in hulle fondse uit te betaal. Beantwoord hierdie vrae om te kyk of jy geregtig is aan “˜n deel van die surplus:

1. Het jy al ooit in die motorbedryf gewerk – in voertuigverkope, by “˜n garage as “˜n petroljoggie, “˜n duikklopperswerkswinkel, “˜n onderdelewinkel of “˜n herstellingswerkswinkel?

2. Was jy ooit lid van hierdie fondse?

Autowerkers Pensioenfonds
Autowerkers Voorsorgfonds
Motorbedryf /MISA Voordeelfonds

3. Indien ja, en jy het die bedryf voor 31 Maart 2004 verlaat, dan kan jy geregtig wees op “˜n deel van die surplus.

4. Skakel Benefit Recovery Services [BRS] by 086 727 7007 om te kyk of jy aan “˜n deel geregtig is.

5. As jy geregtig is aan “˜n deel, sal BRS jou help om jou surplus te kry, en die diens gratis lewer. Jy moet nie vir BRS betaal nie.

Ho etsa kopo ya ho fumantshwa ditjhelete tsa hao tsa penshene le tsa letlole la bokamosoMatlole a penshene le a bokamoso indasetering ya makoloi a qadile ho lefa tjhelete e setseng matloleng a bona. …. Araba dipotso tse latelang bakeng sa ho bona hore ebe o lokelwa ke ho fumana karolo ditjheleteng tsena tsa tshallo:

Na o kile wa sebetsa indasetering ya makoloi – thekisong ya makoloi, karatjheng jwaloka motshedi wa peterole, moo ho kobollwang makoloi, moo ho rekiswang dikarolo tsa koloi, moo ho lokiswang makoloi?
Na o ne o le setho sa matlole aa?
Auto Workers Pension Fund
Auto Workers Provident Fund
Motor Industry/MISA Provident Fund
Haeba ho le jwalo, mme o tswile indasetering eo pele ho la 31 Hlakubele 2004, o ka lokelwa ke ho fumana karolo ya matlole ya tshallo matloleng ana.
Letsetsa Benefit Recovery Services [BRS] ho 086 727 7007 bakeng sa ho lekola hore o na le tokelo ya ho fumana karolo na.
Haeba o na le tokelo ya ho fumana karolo, BRS e tla o thusa ho fumana karolo eo ya hao mme e etse seo mahala. O se ke wa lefa BRS.