Abet: Is ABET still relevant?

The last winner, Hector Mzozoyana, received a copy of a book all about Nelson Mandela sponsored by ABET book publisher, Viva Books.

The stories below from ABET learners once again bear witness to how many of our members were deprived of education during apartheid or dropped out when their breadwinner parents lost their jobs. Children that wanted to finish school or go onto university could not. Apartheid is dead now, but the battle for free education is not. In car assembly factories and factories where they make components for cars, workers with matrics with maths and science are assembling cars while the country cries out for qualified engineers. Why are they there? You tell us – we want to hear from you.At Numsa’s first ever national training conference early this year, there was a call for Numsa to find out what level of education our members have achieved and to ask them whether they want to do ABET. However, others point out that the reason workers don’t want to do ABET is because they feel that other workers with ABET make them feel stupid. What do you think Numsa should do?

Ingabe i-ABET isalungileWavimbeleka ukuqedela isikole ngenxa yezimo zasekhaya? Ingabe usunamahloni manje okufunda emsebenzini ngoba ucabanga ukuthi abanye abasebenzi bazocabanga ukuthi uyisilima? Ucabanga ukuthi iNumsa kufanele ikhankase ngempela ukuze ihlinzeke ngo-ABET kubo bonke labo abamdingayo nokuthi igama elibi babhekane nalo ngqo? Bhala usitshele. Sifuna ukwazi.
Is ABET nog relevant?Is jy as gevolg van familie-omstandighede verhoed om jou skoolgaan te voltooi? Is jy skaam om daardie opvoeding by die werk in te haal omdat jy dink dat ander werkers sal dink jy is dom? Dink jy Numsa moet hard veg om ABET te verskaf aan almal wat dit nodig het, en om die stigma reguit te konfronteer? Skryf aan ons en vertel ons wat jy dink. Ons wil weet.
Na ABET (Thuto ya motheo ya Batho ba Hodileng) e sa ntsane e hlokehaNa o ile wa thibelwa ho qeta sekolo tlasa mabaka a ammeng lelapa? Na o na le dihlong tsa fumana thuto eo mosebetsing hobane o nahana hore basebetsi ba bang ba tla nahana hore o sethoto? Na o nahana hore Numsa e lokela ho ba le letsholo le matla la ho fana ka ABET bakeng sa bohle bao ba e hlokang mmoho le ho rarolla sekgobo sena se tsamaelanang le yona? Re ngolleng le re bolelle. Re batla ho tseba.

Education takes away the mist on my eyesRead why ABET learners are doing ABET.

My life and work My name is Vincent Mxolisi Sikade. I was born on March 15 1953 in Cathcart. In January 1964 I started schooling in Sub A at a Roman Catholic school. I never failed at school until 1973 when my father lost his job and my mother was unemployed. I had no alternative but to leave school at the age of 20 and to look for a job.My parents were very worried about me leaving school and I was disappointed that my father lost his job because my dream was to go to university after passing my matric.In January 1974 I found a job at Cathcart at hospital. My family and myself were very happy. It was a messenger’s job. The hospital manager bought a new bicycle for me. Every morning and afternoon I fetched mail from the post office.Although I earned R120 per month in those years, I managed to support my family and myself. I even managed to save money at the post office to buy clothes after the circumcision school in December 1975 and two years later I got married.

Vincent Mxolisi Sikade, Level 3, Continental Tyres

ABET has changed my lifeABET helps in industries to help adults that never got education before or those with little education. It helps with language (English) because English is the language that we use for communication in our companies, and it also helps in maths, because calculation is essential when working in factories.ABET is for everyone who knows that s/he doesn’t have enough education. It helps s/he who wants to get more education so that the company can be able to give him or her a better job in the near future.I want to thank Numsa in particular for opening some negotiations with the management of our company to educate the employees that need basic education so they can be able to communicate, take instructions as they are, to read and write and also to be able to count and budget their money with the help of mathematics. I am proud to say that Numsa has succeeded in this campaign after they embarked on numerous negotiations with the company.ABET has helped many people around South Africa and in my company, including myself. I had a problem with both English and maths, but I can tell you now that I’m doing fine on level 4 in both subjects. Now I can communicate fluently in English which I was struggling to use before, I can calculate different kinds of problems in maths. This is all because of ABET.

Makuzandile Wicliff Dakela, Level 4, Continental Tyres

My desire is accomplishedNow I am an ABET learner I have learnt how to speak English fluently. Education is very important.In Continental our problems remain unresolved because the bosses of Continental are unfair to us. Education is the key to open all doors. ABET puts me on the peak of the mountain.Education takes away the mist on my eyes and mind. My future will be bright ahead. I persevere because I want to go easy when I look for a better job and good salary. Without education there is no future.I am proud of ABET. Today I understand maths and English.

Bryne Singaphi, Continental Tyres

Dear Numsa NewsI am grateful to get this opportunity of writing a letter to Numsa. Ever since I joined ABET there is a lot of improvement in me. I have learnt to communicate in English with my friends and I even know how to answer a telephone.I help my kids at home with their homework. Whenever they want to know something, they don’t hesitate to come to me now that English is my second language.I appreciate Numsa in bringing ABET to our company because today I can read and I can write especially stories in English. I plead to all workers to come and join because today I am the best.

Mziwandile Tsili, Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres runs computer literacy courses

Continental Tyre workers familiarising themselves with computers in their own time. The project encourages ordinary workers, especially ABET learners, to be comfortable using computers.