Sport: How can we make Numsa more visible in sports functions?

In the last Numsa News we invited your comments on how we could make Numsa more visible on the sports field. Liesbet Mohutsiwa responded.ComradesNumsa has to elect/appoint someone who will deal with sport only. On athletics, Numsa has to register with the South African Amateur Athletics Board (SAAAB) so that every individual running with Numsa colours or from the Numsa Amateur Athletics Club must have his/her licence number for the whole year.That person/runner involved in Numsa sport, will attend all the road running meetings organised by the SAAAB. ( is it compulsory to attend all?* there is a joining fee when joining a club* at each and every race there is a registration fee for every individual (the runner pays the registration from his/her pocket)* there is a prize for the winner and team prize for the first four runners of the same club finishing in the time limit.* there are also chances of being elected to represent the province in the South African championships or the world championships.* runners (both men and women) run according to their age group: seniors, juniors, veterans and masters.It think it will be good if Numsa can have a sports committee as there are many comrades who are interested in sport especially road running. Some comrades have even joined local clubs.