Kuzo ze kubenini? Jackie Williams How long still my brother, Are you to hide behind the struggle of your fellow comrades? For how long,

Are you going to benefit from your comrades’ tears, Because you are too afraid to conquer your fears? For how long are you going to clock in, While others are fighting for your rights? For how long? Do you have no shame? Or perhaps you think this is just a game? Tonight you’ll be watching the news, and sharing your views, You ” baaitjievanger” While I, Your fellow comrade will be nursing the blisters on my feet, And praying for defeat. What is it with that you wish to achieve? While dwelling in disbelief. Or do you prefer sweating like a slave Because you want to play it safe? Is receiving a minimum wage your way to gain and benefit from your comrades’ pain? Please explain! Nina magundwane , please explain, Why wena usebenza ma sizabalaza?

Zinsizwa Pastor Andries Linda Mbokazi Zinsizwa zakithi, Nilaphi amasimu ashile nje? Nashonaphi izwe libhodama? Nashonangaphi nina besilo? Nina bakamalandela, Awu! Nina madelakufa, Nilaphi? Madoda, iphi imigwaqo esayiqombola? Iphi iminingwane esayizuza? Ingani lamavila ayishaya indiva? Lobusika esabusika babudilizile, Elmithombo esayighuba ayisekho, Aphelile amanzi, Akusenani…kulungile. Zinsizwa ngisizeni, Siqophe umlando, Buyani sivubele utshwala, Sigiye ngengoma, Sihlab’umkhosi, Sifundise lezizingane ukuhaya, Lesilungu sibamoshile. Ezanamuhla ziqagela ingculaza, Zifa ngengezintithwane, Zigudla amalwandle, Zenza ngamabomo, Zinsizwa asibanikeni isineke, Hleze bayibone lendlela, Hleze libakhanyele.

Red Numsa Aubrey ka Saki Grounded by spirited fires, A red flame of the revolution Destined for once off socialism Between now and the end of the day Thou art to come here on earth, As deemed by the working class. Red Numsa. By nature, armed with a red voice, That sounds like volcanic eruptions To boil down exploitative capitalism, Meant to annihilate its viles To recapture the few values As sought by forces of goodwill. Red Numsa. Of form and image, red in anger, Captured live by iron-steel militias, Vowed to uplift the toiling masses As the workplace is the arena To submit, stand firm or lose out. It’s now or never, say your say. Red Numsa. Twin-sistered to Num, both Biological offspring of Cosatu, Mother-body of S’ African unions, “˜cos a socialist environment both seek. Come hell there’s no stopping us,Forces amalgamated to bestow strength. Red Numsa. As the red flag flies shoulder high, On and forward for recognition, Sounds even now, voice of Jim ConnellWith coup de tat messages for workers, To this day, socialism is the future, So be it, take over production means, Red, red Numsa.

Loomini “˜10 April’ Mini ndin’enkulu mna ndiyakoyika Mini ndin’enkulu mna ndikuhlonele Ufanelwe kukudunyisw’ufakwezimbalini Ngaw’isikelelwe yathamsanqelisw’I-Afrika Ngawe yangqukrulek’imiphefumlo yoluntu Zakrazuk’iintliziyo zesizwe Kumhl’umfanasemzin’wazenzel’udumo nembalasane Wathath’umfo ka Hani Kumhl’igamalakhe lavel’ezimbalini ze-Afrik’okwesibhadubhadu nesizananina Kumhl’abakowabo bamthambis’amafuth’entelezi mna ndamthambis’awomzondo Kumhl’uMadiba wabhengez’umhla wenkululeko Wazixelel’ukub’uChris umbulele ndathi mna hay’awumbulelang’unthumile Uthe zaxele’oo Plaatjie noo Jabav’ukub’u Madib’uqalisapho babeshiye khona Mini ndin’enkulu mna ndikuhlonele Ndiyekeni! Mawethu ndifak’isiba lam kwinxil’yasekhaya khe ndithi zobololo, cwaka nditshaye!.

By M.Phaphu (vw s/s)