Motor: Former motor sector workers – watch this space!

The pension and provident industry funds in the motor industry are getting prepared to dish out the surplus in the funds.

Basil Cele, Numsa’s KwaZulu Natal regional chairperson, has been appointed to represent former motor members.

“The task of the surplus apportionment committee is huge,” says Cele. “We are still deciding whether the Motor Industry Fund Administrators should do the apportionment or whether we should outsource this to a company to handle the task.”

The fund has approximately 160 000 former members who were paid their benefits but who are owed some surplus as well as a further 280 000 members who never claimed their money.

Cele says the scheme will advertise before the end of November, and ask members to respond to the advert within six months.

He appealed to former members not to telephone or submit applications more than once. “Each time you submit it costs the scheme about R170 for the telephone call and a further R170 to process the form.” All these costs must be taken from the surplus.

Cele said that the Fund was also looking at using union offices and employers’ premises to help former members collect and submit forms.