Tribute to all leaders

Tribute to all leaders

Bold, brave, unselfish, dedicated and devoted.To you I give tribute, it is you that I salute.Everybody is born a leader, but not everybody can lead.It takes character and dedication to lead.

You might feel that your efforts go unnoticedYou may feel unappreciated and at times even overlooked,But you are not, to you I give tribute,It is you that I salute.

Admitting when you are wrongBut still staying strong.Resting when you are weak,And persevering when the road looks steepLeading by example yet always humbleRespecting others rights to differWhilst striving to make a difference, Accepting failure, and learning from your mistakes,Yet never staying down when you have fallen.That is why to you I give tribute,Therefore it is you that I salute.

When today you’re feeling down and out,And your sunshine is hidden under a cloudLook in the mirror and say it out loud:”I am a leader and therefore I am proud.”┬ŁBelieve in what is instilled in youAnd continue to fight for what you believe is right.Be it with passionBe it with might,You won’t always be rightBut in with the fight.

I want to see you rise from strength to strength,Reaching new heights from day to dayBe encouraged comrades be encouraged,From shop steward to the office bearers to the leadership.

Bold, brave, unselfish, dedicated.To you I give tribute It is you that I salute.

Jackie Williams, Swift Heat