Strike Season: Pickets over purge of top blacks

Two months ago, over 600 workers at arms manufacturer Denel, staged a successful picket against the disgraceful drive to remove and demote affirmative action appointees.

The problem emerged after one black manager was moved from a strategic position to a lesser position that had no impact on the transformation of the company. Another black manager appointed as executive manager in January 2005, was accused of non-performance after he committed himself to fight corruption and abuse of company resources. Four other black managers were targeted for removal or demotion.

Hostility between black and white managers became unbearable.

The union believed that since the employment of the new CEO, the company had begun a process of excluding unions from the restructuring process to the detriment of black managers.

All these acts had undermined the unions from engaging meaningfully and had resulted in the negative performance of the company.

The union has had several meetings with the company to address the issues.

STOP PRESS: No progress. Pickets to resume July 27.