Bayside Aluminium agreement
WagesYEAR ONE ( 1 July 2005 – 30 June 2006 )

Increase = 3.8% (CPIX) + 1.2% (Improvement factor) + bonus, altogether capped at 10% (payable by no later than 30 Sept 2006 )

For this year the bonus will be capped at 3% payable by no later than 30 Sept 2005 .In addition to the above each OMET (staff) employee will also receive a once-off lump sum payment of 3% of his package (as at 30 June 2005 ). This lump sum payment will be made by no later than 30 September 2005 .

YEAR TWO ( 1 July 2006 – 30 June 2007 )

Increase = (April 05 to April 06) CPIX + 1.2% (Improvement factor) + bonus capped at 10% (payable by no later than 30 Sept 2007 )

Compassionate leaveFive consecutive calendar days per occurrence in case of the death of a close family member; limit still 10 days per annum.
Childcare facilitiesA union/management workgroup to investigate the viability of a childcare facility for children (up to pre-school) of employees.

Labour Brokers’ Employees

Permanent positions should not be filled by employees of labour brokers.
Additional insurance for ill- dealth employeesThe Company will afford the same two year “own occupation” insurance benefit to employees on the Metal and Engineering Industries retirement funds as those enjoyed by employees on the Alexander Forbes retirement funds. This will specifically apply where a person’s employment is terminated as a result of an occupational illness and the person does not qualify for total /permanent disability benefits.
Re-integration into main agreementWill consider once Numsa has resolved the matter at a national level.
House Agreements Settlements

Find out how far some house agreement companies have gone by looking at the table below.


Management says that Numsa cannot bargain for its members in management positions (EMT) because it has not organised the threshold of 25%. But with only 9 short of this threshold, Numsa is putting pressure on management to agree.

Numsa is in dispute with the company but has agreed to take out reference over EMT demands. If the company does not agree that it can resolve the issue by this being taken out, then it will meet in a dispute meeting on July 29.

Declared a dispute – wages 5,3% and 6,3%. Numsa is demanding 8,5% and 7,5%
Last year, Numsa signed a 3 year-agreement. Increases have been granted in terms of the wage model
Highveld Steel

In dispute over:

Wages: company is offering 5%, Numsa is demanding 8%.
Housing: company is offering 4,5%, Numsa is demanding 5%
Scope: Numsa wants scope to be extended to C3 and above

Shop stewards to report back to workers on July 27 and ask if they want to strike.