Why join Numsa?

Benefits of Numsa

For 1% of your basic wage you get:

*** The service of Numsa-trained shop stewards at each and every workplace backed up by nearly 200 full-time officials in 60 offices (see page 19 for contact details) across the country who will:

defend your rights at work
take up your grievances
represent you in disciplinary and appeal hearings
fight unfair labour practices, retrenchments and all forms of discrimination
bargain to improve your wages and working conditions

*** free membership of the Numsa Funeral Fund (see contributions and benefits on page 18) from the day you start paying to Numsa and continuation membership of this Fund once you retire or you are too sick to work. As long as you have been a Numsa member for more than two years and as long as you apply in writing to the Numsa National Executive Committee

*** access to Numtec purchasing card that gives you discounts on building materials as well as furniture and household goods (see page 14-15).

*** other projects in the pipeline: Numsa bursary fund for children of Numsa members, 24 hour access to lawyers on civil and labour law.