Political resolutions and debates

Floor crossing sparked a debate on whether it should be scrapped or whether it should continue. Regions were divided. Some felt that it should not be scrapped due to the fact the ANC had benefited from it. Other regions felt that it should be scrapped because it posed a danger. Congress resolved to forward it to Cosatu and to the ANC and SACP to “r eview the extent to which in the long term floor crossing legislation may undermine democracy .”

There was a debate around the issue of the National Anthem. Ekurhuleni wanted the official national anthem to be sung at all Numsa gatherings which includes Die Stem.

However, an opposing region said that it should remain as is. “Imagine if tomorrow in the national newspapers it is written on the front page that Numsa endorsed in its National Congress that the National Anthem as sung in its meetings should be changed – even the Alliance partners would be surprised!”.

Ekurhuleni was persuaded to withdraw!

A hot debate ensued around the issue of staff being elected as local government councillors while keeping their jobs as Numsa officials.

The standing resolution of Numsa says that if staff are elected as councillors, they cannot have a full time position in the Union as well.

Some regions supported the current resolution. Staff would not be able to cope with their current positions as officials as well as hold the position of part time councillor.

One comrade even went so far as to ask: “What about the money that will be earned by the officials as part-time councillors? Where does that money go to? Would Numsa be the recipient of that money?”

Other regions felt that this resolution should be revisited. The resolution was then referred to the Central Committee for further discussion.