Letters to the Editor


I think we should engage our capitalist companies to try and contribute positively on this critical issue of this deadly pandemic disease – HIV/Aids – to try and draw big numbers of our fellow comrades into participating in these voluntary counselling and training (VCT) sessions. If we implement a form of assistance by subsidising our affected and infected members with vouchers that can allow us to buy some healthy food or supplements that will prolong our life.

It’s not easy for our comrades to come forward for testing whilst the company is not going to do anything in terms of assistance except the Life sense medication for which you don’t even qualify unless you are very sick ie your CD count is 4.

Because the money that we are getting as our living wage is not enough for us to pay for insurance, food, school fees and also support a family that has more than four members infected with HIV-AIDS and the rest are affected. The rest of our wages are going to these insurance companies so that we can have dignified funeral services.

Please comrades, let’s come up with the real solutions as soon as possible.

Xolani Danster, Ford


The Numsa wind

Numsa you are like the wind to me!

The wind can get through a doorway without any key

And strip the leaves from the great oak tree.

The Numsa wind can drive storm clouds and shake tall towers or

Steal through a garden and not wake the flowers.

Seas you can move and ships you can sink,

You can carry a house top or the scent of a pink.

Numsa you are like the wind to me!

When you are not satisfied, you become angry,

You can rave and riot, Seifsa knows you more!

But when you are satisfied, you lie quiet as quiet.

Birds you fly, rain you formed, some call you the air,

Some call you dust, but I call you wind, the Numsa wind.

Who has seen the wind neither me nor Seifsa

But when the trees bow down their heads, the Numsa wind is passing by.

Numsa you are like the wind to me!

Zolile Sothuko , Tsakane


I wish to pay a special tribute to all the South African Communist Party stalwarts. For always there is that inner compulsion one must obey to sing praises and poems of sorrow when occasion calls. I salute and celebrate the means of valiant soldiers and the South African revolution. Their courage and sacrifice have opened the tunnel of vision.

Vuyisile ka Fundakubi

Silent voices!

Have we already forgotten?

I may sound superfluous, I fear.

How could we have forgotten

Mbuyi Ngwenda’s mysterious departure?

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Stood for socialism, viable option.

Lived and died for liberation.

A combatant , communist , a comrade ,

Lionel Forman, shed no tears but celebrate.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Disciples of Marxist prophet.

Small in number, strong in purpose.

Death, means to a new beginning

Arnold Selby, Christian, but not a short-sighted one.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Analyses of the Babylon system.

Marxist, in much-needed formation

With great pain, we lost revolutionaries.

Rusty Bernstein, from you Africa is deprived.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Too many communists have died.

Socialism’s future, would triumph

Too may have crossed the river.

Chris Hani , arise ye toilers no more in thrall.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Tunnel of tension, socialism,

Between capitalism and communism.

Death, the enemy, arise ye combatants.

Joe Slovo , stretchy arms receive Denis Hurley.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Yes, we shall not weep,

Over the graves of the fallen

Victims of the apartheid society

Mthuthu , your thoughts and deeds, forget not.

Remember, the fallen heroes.

Vuyisile ka Fundakubi , VW Eastern Cape