Arming yourself for congress debates!

Shifts! What shifts?

Debates are likely to be peppered with different views on whether the ANC government is moving to the left or to the right.

Take a look at recent extracts from ANC and government documents on official policy as well as interpretations of these shifts from a number of quarters – Satawu on transport industry developments, Cosatu , the SACP, and Numsa Eastern Cape regional secretary, Ivan Jim, on his region’s interactions with the ruling party in the Eastern Cape.

Economic theory

For those that like to be grounded in economic theory, reflect on Minister of Public Enterprises, Alec Erwin ‘s “logic of public-private partnerships”.

Unemployment is one of the big challenges facing workers and their trade unions. If you want to understand how jobs can be created and lost because of different statistical measures, then Woody Aroun’s piece will clarify you.

Post-election tasks

Cosatu often guides Numsa policy. Be sure to grapple with Cosatu’s political paper on the challenges facing Cosatu and the democratic movement in the wake of a resounding vote of confidence in the ANC. What can you learn from this paper that you want to add to the Numsa debates? Are there any areas where you disagree? What would you like to add?