Growing interest in Numsa from the unorganised

Over the past few months, spurred on by the introduction of the agency shop in the engineering industry, ‘Dear Judy’ has received a number of e-mails requesting more information from previously unorganised and white workers on what benefits and services Numsa provides.

In addition to the benefits and services that Tones spells out above, Numsa provides:

a funeral benefit on the death of the member, his/her spouse and dependant children
free legal advice and representation from the day that you join Numsa. This includes representation at disciplinary hearings, dismissals and, if your case warrants it, right up to the highest court.

Numsa is also close to providing further benefits like:

bursaries for members’ children
a special Numsa medical aid tailor-made to suit Numsa members
discounts from a major building materials supplier or low interest loans to buy the materials. (This will be launched at the 7 th National Congress in September)

One of the resolutions going to the 7 th National Congress, calls on Numsa to ask its members what sort of benefits they would like.

If you want to have your say now, write to:

Numsa News P.O. Box 260483 Excom 2023 Fax: 011-833 6330 e-mail:

AND make sure your shop steward knows your views so that s/he can pass on your ideas to your local and your region.