Alliance pledges to address unemployment and poverty

The upcoming summit of the alliance of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and the South African National Civic Association, scheduled for the beginning of September, will adopt a programme of action to intensify the deepening of the National Democratic Revolution.

The recent 10-a-side meeting, led by the general secretaries of the four organisations, said the programme will place key challenges of fighting poverty and unemployment at the centre of alliance activities. The alliance said that attaining such an objective will require ongoing and sustained mass mobilisation, together with concerted action by a developmental state.

The ten-a-side meeting also discussed a range of issues regarding the development challenges facing the country. Prominent among the issues was the continuing division of economic and social opportunities between a developed “˜first economy’ and an underdeveloped “˜second economy’.

“All alliance partners agreed on the need for sustained and decisive state intervention to overcome the divide. In the light of the recent agreements of the Growth and Development Summit, the meeting also emphasised the need to ensure that private capital, as well as other social partners, meet their commitments and obligations,” said the parties.

The parties also recommitted themselves to building the people’s contract to create work and fight poverty through practical action at all levels, in line with the ANC’s elections mandate.