Aids, a taxi to death

Aids is not love,Aids is not AidAids is not a masihlalisane,NO! It’s a taxi to death.

Aids is a serial killer,A killer that is calm, cool and collected,A juicy fluid containing Poison,Sex abuse is the driver,In it you ride with attractive people.

You ride with the likes of STDs,You ride with the likes of HIV,It is an attractive taxiTo ride on, just be careless,Sleep around don’t condomise.

The rate of passengers is too high,How mysterious it isTo see our beloved ones riding,Those in a taxi warn us not to ride,But many of us still want to ride.

Bathong a lo ko lo itlhokomele,Abstain or condomise,Megagaru e ya moyabatho,Bathong ithlokomeleng,Bolwetse jo ke lefu.

Andries Linda Mbokazi