Letters to the editor

We need attention

Now is the time for me to blow the whistle to the entire Numsa leadership. I’m a petrol attendant. I have attended a course run by Sasol in Sasolburg to empower the working class.

I met with different people from different nations all over South Africa . During communication I tried to highlight how important and beneficial it is for them to join Numsa. They seemed interested. But they need us to go and address them, especially at Sasol Midrand. Where are you comrades? They phone me on a daily basis. Others are at Sasol Secunda, Tembisa, Malelane, Polokwane etc.

To the newly elected leadership, I say there’s no-one to free you than yourself. Don’t give your struggle to those intellectuals who have no workers’ interests in their hearts.

Organise the unorganised!

Doris Nqetho, Sasol Margate South Coast local, vice chair

(Sasol has recently opened its own petrol stations. Comrade Nqetho is referring to these petrol stations.)

Dear News editor

At last we have achieved our goal as winners!! We had sent the message clear and hard to all the other parties that had the rule in the Western Cape , (LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE ANC), it seems as if a miracle has happened and our prayers have been answered.

Since the ANC has taken over Government, we have been crying for freedom here in the Western Cape and yet it took us 10 years to be heard. It felt as if there was no hope for us. But once again the ANC showed us just how strong and victorious they are!!

Comrades it has been a hard struggle to get to where we are today. It took the rest of South Africa 50 years to achieve its freedom, but it took the Western Province 60 years to get that smell of freedom. We fought hard and long just to get over that mountain that we called ‘apartheid’. The struggle is still fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday, and yes we must say today people still forget what it took us to get to where we are today!!

I think this is not just a victory for the ANC but for the people of the Western Province as well.

We hope to see now more co-operation between the ANC and Cosatu and all its affiliates here in the Western Cape to make this province more worker friendly and to build a better relation ship against the continuing struggle in the workplace.


Long live the spirit of the ANC

Leslie Skermand Duferco Steel Processing Shop Steward Western Province

(Cde Skermand sent his letter just after the last elections. In the last minute compiling of Numsa News No 2, his letter was omitted by mistake. Apologies to cde Skermand.)

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