Collective Bargaining: New national autoworkers provident fund

A new national provident fund has been established for all auto assembly workers. “This is a realisation of a long-held dream,” says Numsa President, Mtutuzeli Tom.

From now on the provident funds from all the individual car companies will be pooled.

“This does not mean that members’ current benefits or fund structure will change,” says Tom. “Their current benefit structure will be the same as that enjoyed under their previous Fund’s benefit structure. Nobody will be worse off than before.”

Instead, one single fund will bring savings and benefits to Fund members. Only once all the Funds are combined under one scheme, can the long process to equalise members’ benefits start.

Members will soon receive more information about the Fund and what they need to do to join. Watch out for posters in your workplace where you can attend a meeting to have all your questions answered.