How the last outpost was won! – Voters in KZN are not stupid!

Gone are the days when voters voted for a party because it was led by a Zulu with royal blood. South Africa and specifically KwaZulu Natal has passed puberty stage.

You can ask the UDM, the distribution of t-shirts in rallies does not guarantee your party the vote. Voters vote for the party that promises what it can deliver. Who said they want 150 000 policemen on the streets?

The African National Congress has had successes in the last ten years, and it has also had failures.

But it has been frank about its failures and proud of its achievements. This honesty has paid dividends for the ANC. In every homestead, community, and rallies where the ANC addressed the people, it acknowledged the failures and proceeded to request that voters enter into a contract with it. Those who study law will know that contract law is a two way commitment by two parties who promise to work together for the achievement of a particular outcome.

The 1999 coalition agreement between ANC and IFP meant that there were MECs from the ANC and the IFP. Looking back over the last five years, the electorate in KwaZulu Natal witnessed huge improvements in the MEC portfolios led by the ANC. Projects from these departments were seen to change the lives of all people, irrespective of the party they belonged to. The role of these MECs demystified the myth about “I- ANC yamaxhosa”(the ANC of Xhosas).

Voters in KwaZulu Natal voted with their heads not their hearts!