Cosatu 8th National Congress: Red Tide Swamps Gallagher Estates

Red tide swamped Gallagher Estates as 3000 delegates converged on the quiet Midrand town for the 8th National Congress of COSATU, 15-18 September 2003. Red caps, shirts and flags greeted curious onlookers as chanting delegates prepared for heavy discussion on a range of social and political issues affecting workers and the poor in newly democratic South Africa . Representing some 21 affiliates of the federation (some new and some not in good standing), excited delegates toyi-toyied around the estate bringing events to a standstill – at least until the leadership declared the Congress open. Alongside worker delegates, a host of international and local guests will observe the proceedings and declare their solidarity with representatives of South Africa ‘s toiling masses – “workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.”