Auto wage negotiations

The first round of wage negotiations with the Automobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation (AMEO) at the beginning of May deadlocked. The employer organisation offered a shameful CPI-X 4,4 percent wage increase to all workers in the vehicle manufacturing companies and rejected all the other demands. The negotiations will be concluded at the end of May 2004. This is what Numsa is demanding:

A guaranteed wage hike of 15 % across the board; second and third year increases between 7 and 14 %
Three year wage agreement
Four weeks severance pay for each year of service
Paid time off to test for prostate/ pap smear
Provide anti-retroviral drugs to HIV/Aids sufferers
Aids sufferers must be exempted from incapacity and 30 days leave cycle must be relaxed
Workers employed by labour brokers must become permanent after three months
Pay must be double on Sundays or time and a half on Saturdays for swing shift or compressed working week
Bonus of 11%
Specialist clerks, shop stewards, dye setters, spray painters, CO 2 welders, spot repairs/dingman, team leaders and buy-off inspectors to fall under Level 5
20 days annual leave
Five days per occurrence for family responsibility leave
Increase service leave by 1 day
Training should take place during working hours
100% payment when on maternity leave
For every artisan there must be four apprentices

Motor negotiations

The first round of negotiations with motor employers will start in June. This is what Numsa is demanding:

R10 per hour minimum wage for all workers
10% wage increase for grades 7 and 8; 12% for grades 1 to 6
forecourt attendants, security or night-watchmen classified as grade 1
eliminate area wage differentials in 2004
night shift allowance of 20%, afternoon shift – 10%
workers knocking off after 20h00 should get free transport
no minimum length of service nor specific interval period between pregnancies to qualify for maternity benefits
4 weeks bonus at end of 12 months
40 hour week
10 days time off for shop stewards and 12 days over 3 years for union training
every non-union member must pay agency shop fee of R20 per month. Money to be distributed proportionally to trade unions.
Phase out discriminatory clauses
Mibco to look at funeral cover
Fixed term contracts limited to 6 months