Elections: Building up to elections

Numsa as part of Cosatu has resolved to put its weight behind the ANC in the upcoming government elections. But as a Numsa member, you are still entitled to vote for the party of your choice.

The ANC campaign kicked off with voter registration on November 8-9. But of the estimated 9 million unregistered voters, only 2 million registered. If you know anyone that hasn’t registered, encourage them to register.

The campaign will enter its second phase from around December 16 when the ANC will launch its election campaign and announce candidates for national and provincial government. Now is the time to review the ANC government’s achievements. Get a copy of the summary of the ANC’s “Ten year review” from your nearest Numsa local office or ANC branch. Use the opportunity to tell the ANC leadership where there are shortcomings, describe the difficulties caused by joblessness, retrenchments, casualisation and so on.

Discuss all these issues in your workplaces and in your communities. “We need to return a stronger ANC in government by voting overwhelmingly for it,” says Numsa’s Hlokoza Motau who has been seconded to the ANC to help with Cosatu’s election campaign. “Without a strong ANC, we will achieve very little. The provincial and national list of candidates will not satisfy everybody but remember we are voting for an organisation. The organisation will remain strong if we participate fully and swell its ranks with workers’ activities.”

Attend election meetings and volunteer for election work within ANC branches. Help the ANC identify key target groups or sectors that should be reached through the campaign.