Motor News: Motor workers win big increases!

Yes it’s time to celebrate! If you are a motor member you have much to be happy about this year.

Numsa has negotiated and won you increases on minimum wage rates that beat the inflation rate by at least 3%. In Area A, workers earning on the minimum rates of pay will receive a 9% wage increase. (see details below)
And Numsa’s demand that the discrimination against those workers that work in small towns and rural areas must end, has come a step closer with employers agreeing to give these workers bumper increases of between 13% (for the higher grades) and 14,8% for petrol attendants.
Even those workers that are earning above the minimum rates of pay (except for those in Sector 6 – car dealers), will receive guaranteed personal increases (see next page for details)
And this is not all – for the first time ever, the Department of Labour has gazetted and extended the agreement quickly so that from September 29, all employers must pay you the new rates. If they can’t, they must apply for an exemption from paying.The only issue that Numsa must still win is the extension of the Agreement to the ex-homelands and self-governing states. The big problem holding us up is that many of these motor workers do not belong to Numsa. If you live in one of these areas, recruit your fellow workers – if all workers join Numsa then employers will find it harder to argue that we don’t represent their workers.

Office stores, sales and clerical employees – Sector 6

Area A
other areas
Per Week
Per Month
Per Week
Per Month
First year
1 856.92
Second year
2 115.45
1 901.14
Third year
2 438.18
2 193.54
2 826.28