Cosatu 8th National Congress: Minister calls on Cosatu – support the ANC

Speaking on behalf of President Thabo Mbeki, Minister “Terror” Lekota called on Cosatu delegates to support the ANC-led alliance and warned those forces that wanted to “drive a wedge between the ANC and Cosatu that their dreams would come to nothing.” The Minister went on to say that “for the first time in 300 years, masses of people face a future of hope – lives are changing for the better.” Citing legislation to outlaw discrimination, human rights, equal pensions and child grants, the minister was confident that the “clarion call” would register a new victory for the ANC. Once again revolutionary rhetoric has healed the rift and cemented ties, but over the next few days of the Congress workers were politicians and politicians were workers. After that! Who knows? But one thing is certain – workers will be workers.