Training: How can the Merseta help your children?

If your child wants to study in a Merseta-related field, then phone the Merseta to check if it has accredited the training institution (technikon, technical college etc.) that your child wants to attend.

If your child (or spouse) needs funding to study at a technikon or university in a Merseta-related field, then you can try and apply to the Merseta's new bursary fund. Your child (or spouse) must have matric in maths and science.

The bursary scheme will give preference to applicants (or the spouse or child of an applicant) employed by companies that are paying levies to the Merseta. If you have another bursary, you cannot apply for this one. (get a copy of the application form from your nearest Numsa office or phone one of the Merseta offices or look on the internet:

Where to contact the Merseta:

Head Office: 011-492 1533 (tel) 011-492 1542 (fax) e-mail:

Regional offices:

E Cape:041-487 2407 (tel) 041-487 3817 (fax)

Free State/N Cape:051-430 1263 (tel) 051-447 8873 (fax)

Gauteng and N West:011-832 2604 (tel) 011-832 2698 (fax)

MP and Limpopo:013-692 4616 (tel) 013-692 4637 (fax)

KZN 031-309 3042 (tel) 031-309 3075 (fax)

W Cape021-948 6606 (tel) 021-948 6676 (fax)


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