Poetry: Cape Flats

In the name and sake of power mindless thuggery Cripples the Cape with violence, Thus reigns lawlessness in the presence of Law, supreme. Mindsets soaked in drugs, cocaine And intoxicating liquor Subsequent aim intent to kill. On way to creches, five years olds wave Parents heart-felt good morns Yet With no safely returns. Them Victims of subjugation As indiscriminate ammunitions Hit them hard. Under duress of panics Cases opened, Closed For fear of reprisal. Motto of the day Survival of the fittest Elimination of the unfit As broken families Feel remorse. Cape Flats , them Third degree sordid scenes. In the Cape Flats stay alive, 'Cos Cape Flats , is the Kingdom of Gang-Lords.

Aubrey Ka Saki, VW


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