Book Review: The Bursary Register – 2004

If you or your children are interested in studying next year, then I suggest that you go out and buy yourself a book by the name of "The Bursary Register".

The book is exactly what the title suggests – it tells of the bursaries one can obtain from various institutions and companies for the year 2004. Bursaries it covers range from grades 10-12 at school, for colleges, technikons and universities. The book provides detailed addresses, telephone numbers of those institutions providing these bursaries.

These cover courses including agriculture, engineering, secretarial, medicine, pilot training, performing arts to name just a few. There are many more courses covered.

The book goes beyond this and also gives you useful tips on:

how to handle yourself during an interview differences between a bursary and a scholarship and how to apply writing your curriculum vitae (CV) how to pass examinations differences between FET colleges, Technikons and Universities.

It also warns against 'Fly by Night Colleges', those who offer courses but do not have experienced teachers and lecturers. And it advises students against choosing a career which is not of any interest to them or one that does not relate to their skills.

The book is simply written and easy to read. Buy it soon because deadlines are deadlines and many applications need to be in soon. Late applications will not be considered.

Get yourself a copy from major retailers or alternatively write to:

The Bursary RegisterP.O. Box 178Florida Hills1716

Oryou can e-mail to Or telephone: 011-672 6559 Fax: 011-472-3507

The book will cost you R110 including postage.

Note: The Bursary Register does not give bursaries – it just tells you where to go to apply for a bursary!


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