National Bargaining Conference: Paid time off a noble demand

Paid time off has historical beginnings as a noble demand A demand formulated with a carefully thought out plan by leaders at the time. A demand conceived to save the union thousands and thousands of rands 'Cos loss of earnings will no more be a union's issue.

But will be wrung from employers' own blood for a change, And the union continues to swell its coffers for self-sufficiency and sustainability.

But 20 days paid time off, cannot be located at industry level It was a noble demand comrade that must keep the home fires burning. A demand that subjects employers to workers' united strength at local levels.

A demand that advances shopfloor struggles A demand that empowers the organisational base A demand that shapes the union relevance to its membership A demand formulated for a noble cause.

But 20 days paid time off is not a problem that cuts across regions Eastern Cape has achieved because of huge plants Ekurhuleni still throws tantrums because plants have 2, 3 members.

Although 20 days paid time off is a noble demand It must not be seen to be dividing workers It must be applied evenly, if bargaining reps have achieved it so should the training reps.

Organisers to push to win this noble demand Shopstewards will use this gain to call council meetings in broad day-light, and Metalworkers union will remain strong, dynamic, vibrant and most of all, relevant to its membership!

Judi Mazibuko-Madumo


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